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Dec 16, 2019

[Tutorial] How to Change Oil & Filter on Hyosung GV + GT125/250 +R

Time for an oil change ? …One of the crucial things to stay on top of!

This short tutorial aims to show  you how to change your oil with ease on the 125/250 twins (2001-2018) and let’s not forget the filter too!

This applies to: GV125 (01-2018) / GV250 (upto 2018) / GT & GTR 125 (03-2018) inc GT250+R too.

Personally, one of the other twins I own gets its oil changes every 1,000-1500 miles using Ester oils . I’ve been this way for almost 4-5yrs at time of this writing, the manual suggests the oil can be changed at longer intervals.  This is optimistic to say the least, so i’ll leave that there. I know too well, oil acts funny around the 1500 mark tops (gearbox, clutch, false N’s, hotter, louder).  The internet will send you down a rabbit hole,  so my opinion? Use more premium oil marked JASO MA2 , Ester is good. Change around every 1500 tops.

Moving on, let’s prepare the parts & tools first…

Oil .  Get 2x 1L Bottles  
(Bike needs 1.5L total)
Oil Filter & O-Rings 
(don’t skip filters!)
 Drain Pan/Bucket
(that can hold 3L+ of fluid.)
Torque Wrench
(too crucial, you’ll see why below⏬)
Size 15/17mm Socket  
(12 sided!)(NO SPANNER)
 Size 10mm Socket / Driver

Plus these bits also…
Pliers | Funnel | Plastic/Rubber Gloves | Clean Rags/Cloths. | Measuring Jug

1. Okay let’s go, Undo your filler cap first!

For stock caps – use a Pliers to open it (anti-clockwise).
For custom CNC Caps – We use either 19/21mm socket.

2. Go under engine & loosen the drain plug
For GTR owners, use a bar extension to aid you in undoing the drain bolt or  just take your fairings off. 
This tutorial was done on a Comet that’s all (& it needed a clean!😬)
⚠ Be slow to prevent this plug falling in to the bucket!


3. About those drain plugs…

Roads are salty, the stock plugs can’t fight off their bad rust.  A seized plug will easily round off and you’ll replace more parts in the long run (strainer cap, o ring, bolts😬).
We avoid that by using a made coloured plug that has some weather resistance to it and it’s less prone to seizures.
Plus its magnetic tips are larger to catch those metalic shavings in the oil!

You will find them sold on here….


4. Finished draining? Close the drain-hole!
– Clean up under your engine
– Grab your torque wrench and set it to 15ft lbs max.
– Tighten your drain-bolt until your wrench clicks once.


5. Go to your oil filter cover next!
– Grab 10mm socket & undo the 3 nuts that hold the small cover.
Oil WILL fall out (leftovers from filter), so place a rag/cloth under the cover and potentially a small pan too. You will see why further down.   Wear plastic/rubber gloves too.  Ditch your old filter away 🗑
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter


6. Filter Cover Inspection & O Ring Change (Pt.1)

– Clean up your oil filter cover
– Check the spring is still good and not gone soft.
– Change the big o-ring   (dress it up in oil first!⛔)  
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter Hyosung Oil Change FIlter

7. O-Ring Change (Part2)

This part needs some more focused attention so we don’t damage the inside hole you’re about to see.
On the picture below,  replace the o-ring that is sitting at the back inside the filter area.
⚠ Use a small hook/claw to pry it out  , don’t force it. ⚠
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter

8. Next, your new oil filter goes in!

See the picture below? That’s exactly how it should go in.
The “hole” of your filter goes inside the engine.
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter


9. Close the filter cover!
– Once the filter is in, close the cover.
– Make sure the nuts are tightened to 6 ft lbs max!
🚦 Check the new Cover O-Ring is dressed in oil (a reminder!)
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter -


10. Done? Grab your oil (& measuring Jug!)
– Get a measuring Jug and pour inside 1500ml of oil in there (1.5L)
  Not less, not more 😉

No Measuring Jug ?  That’s fine, as long as your bottle has volume-markers on it too.

11. Get your Funnel and pour the oil in….
Self explanatory here.
⚠ It’s messy doing an oil change without one, so I dare not digress.
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter Hyosung Oil Change FIlter


12. Close the oil filler cap!
Self explanatory here.
Just make sure the hole is clean and it’s o-ring isn’t damaged.
Hyosung Oil Change FIlter


🚦 Complete. –  Idle for 60 seconds & turn it off!

– Start the bike and let it idle for less than a minute.⌚
– Switch it off.  Let your bike sit upright temporarily⚠
(NO PADDOCKS.  Both wheels on the ground)
– Check your sight-glass says “F” and oil level matches it.
–  ^ Is your oil higher than “F”mark ? => Drain some.
– ^ Is your oil lower than “L/M” mark => Topup/Refill⛔
– Finally, Check your drain plug is good & secure. 🚦


   Tidy up & Go ride. 🏁

Questions? Fire away in the comments! 🤺

Jul 28, 2019

Speedometer and fuel gauge issues

Hey everyone !

Getting right into it,

My hyo GT250 (naked) has issues with the speedometer and fuel gauge. The speedometer is wrong showing a out 10km too fast than actual speed sometimes more. I know motorcycle speedos are always a bit off but it was never that much before.

My fuel gauge, is also wrong. I’ll fill up and the needle will just move bellow empty and then freely go up and down whenever until I’m at about half tank where it will show half tank and stay there for a while then when in low it will go low, then I fill up and it happens again.

I asked my mechanics about at my last service and they said it’s got to do with the electrical stuff on the inside of the bike which happens when it gets old. (2006 bike)

The speedo got replaced less than half a year ago because someone thought it be nice to smash into it and break the old one.

Any suggestions how I can fix these issue ?!?

Thanks in advance !!


May 13, 2018

GT250R 2007 Chain

Hi:  I have a 2007 GT250R brought 2nd / 3rd Hand.  Really good condition.  There is one thing that is perplexing me, the chain.  The chain has tight and slack spots in it.  I go to check the chain tension the chain appears to be slack 50mm play I rotate the rear tyre and a section of the chain appears to be tight little 15mm or no movement. Any well thought out and sensible suggestions as to cause and remedy would be gratefully appreciated.

PS. While I’m here does anyone know the paint code for the engine the (browny-goldy-metallic) colour.