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HyoRiders is a social network by biker for bikers , this site also features a riders market zone and the official HyoRiders Shop.

This page is in plain english to explain the cookie & privacy policy of our site.

When you sign-up for this website or buying a product , we may collect your personal details like:

  • Your Name
  • Your Shipping Address (for Shop Orders only)
  • Email Address (for Website Social Notifications or Shop Order Emails)
  • Your Phone number (for Shop orders & Package deliveries)

Once we have this information , it will only be used in these scenarios:

  • Completing a shop order or doing custom orders etc
  • Shipping address for your goods
  • Your name will appear in the community discussions & your own social profile of
  • Registered members will get more discounts and special offers from the shop
  • (if you want) – you can get notifications in your email inbox when someone replies to your topic or a profile status update etc…
  • From time to time we may send a special newsletter to everyone registered on this site
    (and ofcourse, you can opt-out of this anytime by unsubscribing at the bottom of your email)

Because this website processes personal information about you, you can be rest assured our website has BANK LEVEL Security and all pages are served with the best encryption in your browser. We also maintain every effort to make sure the website is taken care of under the hood, security wise. takes you seriously when it comes to your data.

Speaking of the browser, let’s talk cookies now!

A cookie is a “tiny” crumb that is created to store temporary information inside your Browser for the following:

    • HyoRiders needs to check if this user is a guest or a logged in user. We store a cookie crumb in your browser to do this, then next time we know if you’re the same guest that visited last time or to remember you when you sign in to the website
    • HyoRiders also uses cookies for these scenarios:
      – – How long you have logged in for? (Example: You just signed in!)
      – – To check if you use a Phone or Tablet – this automatically changes how the site looks to you!
      – – To check if you are using a Mac or PC Windows – We must make sure our site looks good in every computer!
      – – To record how many people signed in today (social network feature of this site)
      – – To see who is online now (social network feature of this site)
      – – To learn more about our traffic (how many UK users? vs International ones – this helps us make this website better for everyone)
      – – When you’re logged in, you get a more personalized experience on this site than a logged out guest.

Having said all that, be rest assured, we will not sell your information to a third-party. This is your data after all, if at any point you feel like closing your account & deleting. Just let us know & we will wipe it clean.

If you want a copy of the information we hold about you, just send us an email too or you may browse your own “Account Details” on this website at anytime.

Last , but not least, what about a third party cookie?
We use the Google Analytics service to track our visitors. This information includes general information of where you are browsing from and how you found our site, but is completely anonymous. For instance, we use this information to see which countries are interested in our services, and to track our search engine performance.

Just so you know, your continued use of this website means you accept the policy info that you’re reading on this page. This also means, you accept that this page is subject to updates from time to time

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