Thanks for your interest in Shop, below you will find answers to most shopping queries…

What’s the HR Shop ?
Exclusive to the UK are selections of strictly bolt-on kits for bikes needing the extra zip , or service kits to most maintenance tasks, not found elsewhere.  HR Shop is also the home to unique & bolt-on visual styling kits. #CustomCNC!


What about Genuine/Original Parts?
We usually get OEM parts from our trade contacts that are in the UK,  or sometimes via Germany  at your request and we’re usually fast about it.
Buyers can follow this link to submit your parts request  & we will act on it!
UK Vendors will be appearing in the Forum Hub at some point!


Do you have stock of 2nd hand/Used Parts?
Yes, all used parts are on the ebay shop below:


UK Shipping Terms  (will be updated again soon!)

Orders via eBay OEM Genuine Parts
(That you ask us to get for you)
Aftermarket Parts 
(Already on this Shop)
Usually sent same day or next day (2nd hand stock) Between 2 – 14 days as parts will be retrieved locally (UK) or we import them for you via Germany. Each product you see on this website has its own delivery time, so please the description of those invidual products. Some of them arrive fast and some arrive at normal times (if we need extra time packing

Product Stock Levels
Every product you see on this shop is available to be ordered and will be shipped after we process your orders.  During this time, we will send you updates or contact you personally if there is any unexpected delays.   Any product on our website that is not in stock will have red button saying “out of stock”. 


WorldWide Shipping Terms (will be updated again!)
We also ship parts to places like USA , Canada , The EU and most countries worldwide.
So if you are an Overseas customer , please email us so that we can make a custom order for you with custom shipping quotes for your address.  
This is because every country has different shipping prices and the UK is always free.


Express UK Shipping (Urgent Orders)
Most items already include free UK shipping , usually it is with 2nd Class RoyalMail or UKMail or EVRi, however for very urgent orders please  send us an email and we may switch to UPS or ParcelForce at your request!.


Payment Methods. uses PayPal as the secure merchant for processing payments including credit cards. (even as a Guest). 
However,  if you do not have a PayPal account.   We also accept UK Bank Transfers,  just click Checkout & follow instructions displayed.   We can still process payments like credit cards with another secure merchant we use also.


Checking my orders
You can check your orders anytime by going here…(My Account)
Also, you will get email alerts when your order has been dispatched to your local post for delivery.
Any ref numbers or tracking codes will be provided in the order invoices.
If you get no tracking numbers, that means it is sent as a “normal envelope” , for example if we send Carb Jets.


Other questions ?
Fire at will, contact anytime (tap here) and you’ll get a response shortly.


Hyosung Help?
If you’re having trouble fitting parts or need some extra info – Be sure to check the “Owners Forums” where you can post your discussions or download owners books.


I am interested in being a Vendor?
If you’re a business supplying hyosung parts, with physical UK stock – Please use the contact form & you will get a response shortly.  UK Vendors appear in the Market Place & also as website adverts


Returns Policy takes every effort to ensure Shop products are clearly described & their use. We understand that, in the rare event a customer wants to return a wrongly purchased item, then this is the criteria that must be agreed before doing any returns to us, below:

  • Has not been opened or fitted and is in brand new condition sealed with original packaging
  • Shipping fees are not refundable for the wrong purchased item.
  • Shipping fees are chargeable to the exchanged item.
  • You must do this within 7 days of receiving the package in your hands.
  • If you do not need the product (changed your mind), then we will charge a fee to restock the item back on our shelves & you will pay the postage to return it.