Have to say sorry, i took a ton of picture so i could upload here but didnt realise they had to be a lower pixel to be uploaded and its 11:45pm now so to late to snap pictures lol

I bought a 4 stroke 125cc hyosung grand prix 2004 cheap £80, body works perfect, engine works perfect but had alot of noise comming from the gear box. I thought easy fix its the variator thats been stripped! £15 on ebay perfect! Turns out it was the variator but i cant find one anywere! Its like they have erased it from history! Ebay sets all have more teeth to. But some of the splines have been worn down on the shaft to so im having even more trouble finding one of those! Iv tried 100s of sites, even emailed the main UK dealers but its like hitting your head up a brick wall trying to get through to them. but im open to any input you guys might have?