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Wanted RT125D rear shock

I am after a second hand rear shock for 2009 RT125D, trying to get the bike back on the road without spending a fortune.

I may need a front caliper too, depending on how well stripping down the one I have goes.

If anyone is breaking a Karion please get in touch, cheers.

Hello, I have a new project.

Hello all.

I have recently joined because my lad has bought a pile of scrap new project.

He can now ride a 125cc, stepping up from his 50cc. He bought a Hyosung RT125 from a friend who said it had an electrical issue with the back lights and the exhaust kept coming loose.

Once at home in the garage it became clear that in it’s 10 years it has been very abused. I think the previous owner probably only had two tools in his tool box, a x-point screwdriver and a hammer.


The list of faults is very long but we have been working through them in a hope to return it to the road. It has not been to the MOT station for 3 years.


The exhaust issue was interesting. The rear silencer had been rubbing on the tyre because only one bolt was holding it on at the back. Turns out it is not the silencer for this bike, only the rear mount touches the frame, the forward mount touches the inside of the rear mudguard.

The header pipe couldn’t be tightened to the head because someone has stripped the stud threads out of the head and tried gluing them back in with silicon and/or Metalset or Polyfilla or GunGum or some other unsuitable product.

The header pipe didn’t meet the silencer at the correct place and had been resting on the plastic engine casings on the left side, melting them slightly. This is because it is from an RX125, not RT125. It had also had some metal let into it just ahead of the flange to allow it to clear the frame.


There are many other problems, but we will probably give this bike a name and run a project thread as it gets rebuilt and ready for the road.

We have noticed that there aren’t many of these around and it looks like spares supply is sketchy and pricey.

Did Hyosung engineer this bike or did they “borrow” parts from other bikes in their range or from other manufacturers (Suzuki for instance)? Can I source a part used on a different bike?