Just an introduction, I’m a ‘born again biker, pushing 53 years old and passed my test back in 1985. I drifted away from biking over time with only occasional forays on a hire/ daily basis.  Last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, not good.  I had planned to buy a motorcycle around that time but put things on hold- a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and bought a 2008 GV650 in pretty good condition, although I feel a bit steep at £1600.  Anyway a few more £100s to get the gear, and a fiddle around with the side stand switch, has got the thing ticking over but it is only today that I finally got around to tax and insurance- with such a gap of time since regular riding my comprehensive insurance is a rather frightening £370 this year thanks to no ‘no claims’.  Thanks Carol Nash…


My past biking history took in sports bike, one Harley Sportster and quite a few old classics- classics are where I tend to like to be but I decided what with time not being on my side I’d go with something this millennium.  Ultimately though there isn’t a bike style I don’t like (singles, twins a V-Twins mainly I suppose), it was just that the GV650 was about the right size and I liked its somewhat unusual approach.


What I don’t like is the ugly as sin exhaust (then again, the HD Street Rod is no better) and I can see that probably going after MOT time in a few weeks.  Also, I see no need for a pillion so I can see the whole back end getting some attention if my health allows.  I’ll be a fair-weather biker, partly because of health and partly because that is what happens as you get older- the car is always there.  I’ll probably just restrict myself to my part of South Wales, no grand tours.  In my mind I’d like a light ‘bagger’ look, it came with a screen and bags


I joined the website for the inevitable advice really, I have heard things, not good things, about electrics and how swapping out Kawa parts can be wise and I’m guessing some of you guys will be helpful around issues like that.  Will try and get some photos up. Before I take any spanners to it, great that the manuals are on this website as well.


Projects for this week are to fit dashcams and a double USB2 socket.  There’s a top box that needs to go and a few other parts off the back end as I won’t be touring.  Plans for riding are to get out early (thankfully it is light by 5am) and get used to those forward controls and large turning circle.


Anyway, hopefully I won’t make a pain of myself asking too many questions.  In the back of my mind I am thinking about that Elan Valley ride, one of my favourites, if not favourite roads- but maybe a bit of a run so soon as getting back on two wheels.


I’m thick skinned and pretty easy to get on with so hopefully we’ll all get along just fine!