I placed an order for some parts with Hyosung Parts UK, www.hyosungspares.co.uk, and paid by PayPal.  The order was confirmed and delivery was expected 10-20 days.  Six days later I received an email claiming an additional £45 as “EMS SURCHAEGE” (the misspelling is how this appears on the email and website).

Do any forum members have experience of dealing with this website?  Have you found Hyosung Parts UK to be satisfactory suppliers of genuine parts?  Have you experienced this request for additional payment?

This £45 adds 52% to the original paid bill which is significant, and I now suspect I’m going to be hit with Import Duty and VAT when (if?) the goods reach the UK.

Any Forum Member’s comments and experience of this supplier will be much appreciated.

Best regards, Merry Christmas and Happy 2022