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Jun 12, 2021

GV650 low rpm issues

I am the proud owner of a GV650P (2017) it has an ixil exhaust which is made for this model just the end can not a complete system the issue is a jerky throttle response at low rpm and if  you open it up in the wrong gear it coughs and splutters .The tick over can be a bit erratic once warmed up but can be settled down by turning her off then restarting , so that said does anyone have an idea what could be this issue and is there a power commander for this model and year . Finally it may be an imbalance in the air sensors but that is just guessing is there a high flow air filter for this machine it’s not the can type (already got that wrong , got one from DNA filters) but the flat type .

Many thanks



Mar 15, 2021

Hyosung GV650 Trend Killer

Hello from DownUnder 🙂

Enjoying my GT250R but currently on the lookout for another bike. Only thing better than a Motorbike, 2 Motorbikes 🙂

Very much liking the look of the GV650 and they are well priced down here. As i mentioned they look awesome but then in my searching I found something that looks baller.

The Hyosung GV650 Trend Killer was a kit you could get some time ago, thinking 10 + years. Anyone seen one of these in the wild?

One article I read mentioned the kit was created by a German company. Just curious and thought it would something others may find interesting.

Hyosung GV650 Trend Killer Custom

Oct 7, 2019

UM V2C-650S (Hyo gv650)

Hello fellow riders, I just got this “project” bike from a guy on the internet. Title says United Motors and branding on the bike as well, however from searching the internet it’s a rebranded GV650 for US market. I have rebuilt the almost all brake/electrical/fuel components myself and finally am trying to attach the air box/fuel tank + fuel/vacuum hoses . These were already disconnected or missing when I took delivery of the bike. Now then on to the problem I am having, there are no direct diagrams for the all the parts I have. I’ve looked into so many parts catalogs/service manuals, and none of them have them listed. I’ve stumbled across a post about the AIS delete and fuel/vacuum line routing for 125/250 but not for my motorcycle, hopefully the pictures can explain along with this post.

Aug 19, 2019

St7 gv650 Classic coolant level

Hi, I have a gv650 Classic (the 650 version of the ST7) here in Australia.

The problem is when I go to check the coolant level in the reserve bottle, I can’t see the F or L marks because there is a metal cover and heat shield covering a lot of the bottle.

Any help please?


Jun 30, 2019

GV650 oil pressure


I see in the manual that there is a oil pressure check bolt where you can screw in a oil pressure guage to check oil pressure.

Has anyone permanently mounted a oil pressure sensor there?

I am looking to mount  a combined pressure/temperature sensor to a guage on the handlebars any just wonder if anyone else has done it?

Mar 2, 2019

GV650 2007 Speedometer LCD Program Software

Hello everyone, because of the regulator rectefier fault my speedometer’s capacitors died, and we changed it and bring speedometer back to life. But program in the digital integrated circtuits is not working and my speedometer not works functionally. I need a solution and hope you guys would help me.

(Sorry if i did any misspelling my English not that good.)

Jan 21, 2018

[Bike Mod] 650/250/125 – AiS Block Off Removal (EGR Delete)


I did not write this , but give credits to the lad who made this book (below).
(BTW, follow at your own risk!)

Benefits, The Proofs, etc..:
Aimed at 650cc bikes but also same method for smaller CC bikes.   

So basically , deleting the AIS (EGR block) from the bike is immediately obvious by:

  • Popping Stops (Loud bangs on the exhaust pipes)
  • Much deeper groans on idle  (louder induction roar)
  • Bike is able to run better from 4-7k rpm (especially low CC bikes)]
  • For Stainless pipes , it’s advised to remove it anyway!
  • It’s 1st the thing race teams do, ditch parasitic parts.
  • Bike is overall louder (marginally than before)


What is AIS (Incorrectly named EGR by the uneducated mechanics)

  • It makes the bike “fake” its emissions by burning cleaner air to pass Euro laws.

Thats it!

  • It has NEVER proven to benefit bikes, actually it “steals” the energy from the bike to run it.
    It’s a like a “Remora” creature under a shark, as it migrates all over the seas 😉


Dec 28, 2017

[Bike Mod] GV650 & GT650 : Modification of the TOS sensor (Tip Over Sensor Mod)

I did not write this , but give credits to the lad who made this.
(BTW, follow at your own risk!)

Quote from book :

The TOS sensor, the same in the GT650 and GV650, turns the ignition off when an emergency happens
such as excessive tilting or the tipping over of the bike. If the sensor is not working it will create a situation
whereby after a short time of about 2 seconds after the ignition is switched off the injection pump is disabled
and you cannot fire up the engine.
When this happens, the display will always show an “FI” error. When this happens the sensor should be
checked. Put the bike into service mode. There should be displayed error c23. This means that the sensor is
faulty and needs replacing. If there is any problem with buying a new sensor, or the price of about $ 100 is
too high, you can hand-edit the faulty sensor for the engine to run properly not display FI error. The cost of
modification is only the purchase of two resistors in the price of .30₵ – .40₵ cents. The only drawback of this
modification is that if you tip over the bike while running, the ignition will not be stopped.

📕 DOWNLOAD / VIEW  – 650cc Twins – Tip Over Sensor Mod (.pdf)

Dec 17, 2017

[DOWNLOAD] Service Manuals & Owners Books For Hyosung GV & GT650 – Carby & EFi

[DOWNLOAD] Service Manuals & Owners Books For Hyosung GV & GT650 - Carby & EFi
Life should be easier for us all ey ?

Below, you will find permanent direct links to all Hyosung 650 service manuals
(Stored on this site)

Click the links & read on! ⤵️

📙 GT650 & GV650 (All Carb Models) SERVICE MANUAL (PDF)


📙 GT650 & GV650 – EFI –  “S&T” Electronic Injection Models
Includes GV650Ei/GT650/GT650S/GT650Ei Bikes


📙 GT650 & GV650 – FI –  (EFI) “Mitsubishi” Injection Models
Includes GV650-Fi , GT650-Fi-Comet , GT650R (&GT650S) – “Fi” marked bikes.

More books below ⤵️