Out of interest does anyone know of any foot boards/running boards that fit the GV650 that don’t cost £150 via the USA?  You’d think there would be some generics but eBay hasn’t thrown anything up.  Or is there a good instructable to make some?  To be honest my GV 650 is going gone, to heavy for me, but foot boards were the thing I wanted to fit.  I’ve just picked up a Susuki Savage LS 650 (called Suzuki Boulevard S40 in USA) which is a girls bike (joke) so should be OK for me- looks like about the last one that hasn’t been messed about with in the UK as they are rare now- and again the footboards are all $180 imported.  That said with the LS 650 I’m less concerned as the controls aren’t as far forward. Apparently the 250CC don’t fit the 650.