Well I managed to drop my GV650. Or rather the CCTV shows it clipped by a van, took out the front break lever. New one fitted less than £20. However, because I sort of panicked I also ordered the hydraulic Hyosung Aquila Master Cylinder OEM GV650 × 1 (2008 but it seems not to matter) so I will have one for sale coming up- unused. Apparently, and please check this, it just seems to fit all the models? From the 250 to 650cc. I may well put it up for sale here if allowed (or ebay if not) since it seems unlikely I will need a spare hanging about (I hope)

I’ll be honest I am struggling with the weight of the bit when stationary. Fine riding it but because of muscle wastage 500lbs of cycle is a struggle, I’m having to literally get into the gutter to avoid the camber. Pity as I like the bike, the sound is great, speed is great although I’m not using anything near that- pull away in 2nd then stay in 3rd has been my style so far (especially with the brake today). Seems like this is the bike I should have bought a decade ago, before cancer, but I will give it a while yet. It’s a strange bike, I had a hd 883 BACK IN ABOUT 1988 AND IT IS VERY DIFFERENT TO THAT BUT STILL FEELS LIKE A VT UNDER ACCELERATION- VERY DIFFERENT TO THE hONDA vt250 i USED TO HAVE, THAT REVED TO NEAR 12,000 FROM MEMORY AND PRODUCED JUST OVER 40hp. Blew up on a monthly basis as it was really a grey import from Japan, where they had a racing series for it.