hi guys/gals

im posting this topic for you hyosung lover out there not i own a 2011 comet and have had enough and what fairing back so i set myself the challenge people have said its possible so im doing it


first things first your gonned a headlight frame for a gtr and a comet frame with you the mounts

2  12mm bolt that will fit the holes

then your gonna need some kind of spacers 2x20mm i use 2 17mm nuts welded together  :PPPPPPP

but they arnt gonna be the only thing your gonna need to do

with me using nuts i ran straight into a problem and that was the height on the bolt keeps the nut tucked inside the headlight frame

need to make it raise up more so i put a peice of steel 3-4 mm thick on both nuts and welded them to it flat to give me the edge to raise it out abit 😀 still not perfect

it now will touch the headstock of the frame if i lift it a little all i need to do it wait nw for postman to drop me faring off so i can do alignment


gonna add pics well try in the order ive listed the things needed to do 😀 keep a look on this how it turns out any questions let me now 😛