Hi Guys,

My Name is Max and I´m proud ower of a GV 125 classic KM4MF53A.

I need information about the settings of the carb. Especially the adjustment of the height of the float chamber.

I have adjustet it to 17mm because I only have the service manuel from the previous model. I Can tell you that it didnt worked well.

The slider with menbrane YK8844 is a little sluggish, means it doesn´t slide very well up and down and sometimes it is a little stuck. Any tipps?

Also it would be interesting which lengh the spring of the above mentioned slider should have.

Also I have difficulty loosening some screws, do you have any tips?

Maybe it is even easier to replace the whole carb, are there any opportunities to pay less than 630 Euro?

The matching workshop manual would be a blessing.


Thanks and sorry for the bunch of questions 😆

regards Max from Germany