hi all new member to here

Hyosung GV125 Aquila

bought bike .. was running… couldnt select a gear… bought it anyway… turns out the pin that runs in selector drum was in wrong way after being dropped out by mistake through undoing wrong nut as sump plug drain… anyhow soted that and got gearbox working again but on test ride no power… very slow to build up revs on accelleration and very slow to decelerate whenthrottle released… full carb clean done then upon testing front intake no vaccuum.. turns out running on rear bank only… after removing front bank rocker cover disaster… find intake camshaft had sheared….

now to the real point of my post…. where do i find the cam/ting chain tensioner to deadjust the timing chain to change the camshaft…

before you all say … i have timed up the crankshaft.. and on inspection cant see any valve damage or damage to top of piston from valves being open…

can anyone point me in the right direction on how to deadjust the tensioner and where to access it

regards Karl