Engine Front Sprocket Washer [Safety Lock] – Hyosung GV125S Injected


  • Replacement Genuine Safety Lock Washer
  • Supplied in either: Silver or Yellow colour
  • Fits the Hyosung GV125-S Injected
  • Bolt-On Fitment. #Swap&Go


Engine Front Sprocket Washer Safety Lock – Hyosung GV125-S Injected EFi

🏍 Sprocket Washer fits: GV125S Injected EFi

OEM Numbers :: 09167H20002JS

🚚 FAST UK Delivery = 2-3 working days.

This part replaces the old washer with a fresh one.
It’s Genuine. It is SILVER or YELLOW.  

⚠️ By the way, when replacing or changing your chain & sprocket kit,  it is also important to change the washer too!

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