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Apr 5, 2023

Indicator and Windscreen updates

Hi all

GV125C Aprila indicator upgrade and cheap universal windscreen

Being cautious of what I spend, as aiming to get my mod 1/2 pass late summer and upgrade, but in the meantime I felt the standard indicator bulbs were a bit dull and wanted to reduce the wind factor a little.

I bought some LED bulbs from Amazon, which have worked perfectly, links below to daylight and night videos.

The screen came from eBay for an amazing Β£31.50, so didn’t think I could go wrong. It’s perfect for what I need, but others may want larger. Can be seen in the video.

Hope this is useful for some of you.


Night time!AiY7mErm8mwPxm26D-Kx1E5cS49y