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      Hyosung GT 125 RC FUEL TANK Fuel Level Sensor Sender Gauge Unit Sending Gas
      This topic for Gas Fuel Tank Level Sensor/Sender replacement applies only to CARB VERSIONS of  GT Naked & GTR Hyosung Models. We’re going to take a look at various fuel sensors  (level senders) that can be used inside your tank.

      The carby ones are not made anymore, not Korea’s fault. The world has moved on to EFi systems, it is what it is.  To preserve our carby bikes , we will slowly add some topics like these to use parts from Cars, Trucks, etc.  I will try not to mention other bikes as it is pointless if a part is from a car, the car/truck will be more widespread than a bike, you have a higher chance of finding the part!

      Once again, this is strictly for these bikes below:

      GT125 Naked & GT125R  GT250 + GT250R GT650+GT650R
      All carb models from 2001 to 2021 Carby only. Carby only.

      Sensor #1 – Toyota Hilux (They come with their own gaskets)
      Part Numbers: 83320-80357 , 83320-39516

      This one has a very long arm, but it should fit inside the GT tank with some kind of modding to it. So use your creative brains on this one.  We have a rider on this site from Portugal that confirms it works fine.

      DO NOT cut your main bike harness! – All you need to do is get this terminal connector and replace the one that is on the actual sender itself.

      Like this one below from Amazon, as it is common for Cars. It is called 2Pin Female & Male 2.8mm connector.   Hyosung uses the same connectors for their fuel sensors on GT carby bikes.

      • TOYOTA HILUX 2.4L Diesel – Pickup – 8/1997 to 7/2001 01-08-1997 01-07-2001
      • TOYOTA HILUX 2.4L Diesel – Pickup – 8/1997 to 8/2001 01-08-1997 01-08-2001
      • TOYOTA HILUX 2.4L Diesel – Pickup – 8/1999 to 8/2001 01-08-1999 01-08-2001
      • TOYOTA HILUX 2.4L Petrol – Pickup – 8/1997 to 8/2001 01-08-1997 01-08-2001
      • TOYOTA HILUX 2.8L Diesel – Pickup – 8/1997 to 12/2006 01-08-1997 31-12-2006

      Sensor #2 – Toyota Hilux (Yes again, but a different style)
      Part Number = 83320-39405

      This one is similar to the first one above , but it uses the same size base and gasket , the float arm is similar;

      However , like we said on the first one above , it is wise to replace the sensor’s own connector directly and you may need to extend the cable a little bit. 

      Toyota Models:

      • LN55
      • RN50
      • YN55
      • RN55
      • LN85
      • LN80
      • YN85
      • RN85

      Remember though,  both SENSORS from Toyota “May NOT” read a Hyosung Fuel Level Accurately.   Wherever you get a Toyota Sensor  , be sure to ask the seller the “OHMS” rating from Full to Zero (Empty Tank) We have no links for you, so go use Amazon Prime Shopping as eBay is full of strange scammers or liars, websites out there tend to be 90% scam pages so becareful, if you are not sure, please visit a Toyota Dealer in your area to order from a dealer instead.

      So generally, in my OWN experience using GT parts on my GV as a special project, I know for a fact the Carby Dash of Hyosungs want specific readings in ohms, so read on below:

      Fuel Tank Sensor Facts for GT125R (all of them) & GT250 Carb Models & GT650 carb models. = They use the same sensor!
      ❌ NO EFI.

      • Fuel Low = 100+ Ohms on the sensor under the tank.
      • Fuel High (float is at max height) = 30 ohms (or 28)

      👨‍🔧 How do i know? I’ve been testing few sensors for a while. Plus i do a lot of harness repairs for my customers nowdays so the meter has been my friend in the garage so to speak!

      ALL Carb GTR/GT carby = Fuel Level wire from the TANK all the way to the dash = It is a *yellow wire with a black stripe*

      👇 This Q&A below only applies to newer shape 125cc GT Naked & GT125R like the example below:
      (2012-2021 125cc GT models only)

      A member asks this question….
      If have got a GT125R that is made in 2016 But why is my 2016 flashing?My response? = The dash (speedometer) can’t sense it!Trace the wire i said above ^ and use a meter to check circuit is complete.Then test the sensor itself.

      Member says -> “But both are fine though, i already checked!”

      My reply = Clean the connectors (from from the speedometer and the actual tank sensor too)
      2016s are way. way , way , way more fussy than you think. It is not an exxageration.

      They WILL FLASH for 10mins sometimes until it gets a stable reading.

      Sometimes it will show up right away.

      Fuel Level Sending Unit Tank Gauge Sensor Hyosung Carb Carby GT GTR GT125R Fuel Level Sending Unit Tank Gauge Sensor Hyosung Carb Carby GT GTR GT125R Fuel Level Sending Unit Tank Gauge Sensor Hyosung Carb Carby GT GTR GT125R


      💭 At this point , I may be speaking out of order (digressing) , as sometimes I write topics as my mind naturally flows! – So forgive me for any grammatical errors, I will refine this topic as time goes on while i gather new information & solidify things. 

      🤳 If you found topic useful at all, please share this with your friends. It actually helps to grow this site 👍 And I appreciate the support but remember, there are members on this forum who also made tutorials of their,  so if you find their topics useful, be sure to give them a thumbs up by commenting on their topics or sharing it with your friends on social media! 👍

      Let’s carry on, extra bonus info below:

      • Bolts for fuel sensor is about M5 x 16mm. I’d advise Stainless Steel, instead of rusty mild steel bolts!
      • These are also some extra cars below , you can gather sensors from.  I am not personally 100% sure if they fit inside your Hyosung Tank, so please be WISE! –

      Alternative Cars/Trucks with sensors that may fit Carby Hyosung GT tanks. 

      • Isuzu TFR 1988-1998
      • Vauxhall Brava 1988-1998
      • Isuzu TF 1988-1998
      • Isuzu Rodeo 1988-1998
      • Holden Rodeo 1988-1998
      • Isuzu Pickup 1988-1998
      • Opel Campo 1988-1998
      Alternative Gas Fuel Level Sender/Sensor Gauges for Carby GT & GTR Hyosung

      Any comments / feedback regarding this particular topic , please let me know below, even if its spelling errors!:

      Anything else like “brakes , wheels , fairings etc” , please make a new support topic (tap here) or browse the forum for old answers that may be there already 🙂 

      Ride safe! (& Don’t get stranded on an empty tank 😉 ⛽ 


      ❕❗ PS. We accept no responsibility for everything that has been said in this topic, so if you have a faint heart, try and consult with your local  mechanic to do this for you 🙂  (PS. if he says “Hyosung is chinese”, = get rid of him. Hyosung actually uses Kayaba KYB Japanese forks too! (bet he won’t know that!) ..I digress…

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      Gt250 f1

      Useful info there Marcel.

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      Useful info there Marcel.

      Thank you my fellow man 😉
      I haven’t forgotten about EFi , was thinking of finding ways to replace their fuel senders and throttle cables and what not. Sender from a car is possible , i don’t see why not but cables may be from a bike instead. I will do further studies and testing at my end (unless i have someone to test stuff for me haha)

      Hope you are good!

      // Meditation doesn't mean you have to sit still....

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