Hi, Everyone,

Its been a LOT of years since I rode a bike (1972)  and even then, it was a 1955 Villiers Ambassador 224cc (two stroke),  but this week I saw a rather sorry looking 2010 Hyosung GV250 Efi Cruiser, paid a whopping £200 for it (well my last bike fully working and MOT’d cost me £70 LOL)  but I quite liked the retro look of the GV250, and decided I to  buy it even though its had some obvious bits missing,  after chucking it in the van, I got it home,  firstly I discovered a lack of kickstart (honest… I assumed all bikes still had these)  then found out hey.. its got electric start.. and a battery, my last bike had direct lighting.. if it was running you had lights and a horn  lol.. after playing with it a little I found some wires not plugged into anything.. (methinks, perhaps something that was plugged in is missing)  yep.. it had no ECU..  (perhaps  that is one of the reasons it wont start)  it has other minor things missing as well, stuff like mirrors, nuts and bolts to hold on the fuel tank, some side facia panels,  but I will plod on even if it takes me a while to get it going, so if anyone has the same model bike and can stand me asking some basic questions about this bike, let me know, I figure if I can take apart cars and make them work, a bike cant be much harder (dont all laugh at once) another novelty for will be buying my first skidlid, never needed one in my day,  we just used mirror shades and white scarf.. lol.. and a policeman had to chase you for a mile to make a speeding charge stick,  oh happy days.  once again hello everyone.