This is my first post to say hi and thanks. Thanks as I’m sure to begin with I will be taking more than I am giving. But with time hope to repay and give back.

A little about me, pick a topic:    1) Bike history    2) Ridding history   3) Why the comeback.   4) What I have now (what Hyosung)

1) 1980 – 1983 rides: Suzuki ts125 (off road), Yamaha Rd250e , Honda 250 dream, cg125.

2) Got out of riding when on a Friday in 1983 I totalled a Honda cg125 on our local “the S bends”. Luckily at 18 yrs old I bounced well off the hi curb and wall (that I cartwheeled into). Thanks to an old friend Jennifer for cleaning my arse road rash in her kitchen as her supprised mum walked in ” its not what it looks like”. Anyway is was a Friday, so got cleaned up and at 8:00 went to the pub, at 11:30 a went to hospital with broken leg, me and Jen missed that one, thought I could walk the pain off (drink the pain off, I was young and foolish).

3) Anyway with a sober mind the next day I vowed to myself that I would stay off the bikes that I loved, until I was older and wiser. Some would say I’m just older? Anyway time has come, I’m back!

4) Just bought (today) a Hyosung GT125R (used 2015, with some issues, brakes and fueling ect) not just by chance, I have spent 5 months narrowing down to 5 bikes/types/makes I wanted, all very different. Today I got the bike at the top of my list. Let’s be honest the Hyosung gt125 is not without its issues, but what a fantastic 125, from an engineering perspective it has its flaws, but you have to admire what they have achieved in a budget air cooled, 4 cam, V twin 125. I hear some grasp at a Suzuki bloodline, but the engine stands alone as a 125. Thank you Hyosung, like the funny looking dog in the rescue pound, it gives more and is smarter than the one your brain (global marketing) tells you to take home. OK it pisses on the floor, but it brings your slippers when you come home. x

Nice to meet you all

Timbo x