Hi all,

Joined the forum about a month ago, but my first post seems to have disappeared, so here it is again.

New to biking, new to Hyosung. Passed my CBT and theory Aug 22, but failed the mod1 twice for not going fast enough. I didn’t beat myself up over it as it was the fourth time on a bike, but I decided I needed to get more confidence.

So I’ve bought this little beauty on the 13th Feb, a GV125 Aprila in Pearl Waltz Blue 0TB. 2017 plate, 923 miles on the clock, been garaged and hardly used since first purchased from new. First MOT Nov 22, new plugs, fuel filter & hoses and a carb decoke.

I have tracked the paint colour down, so just working on trying to buy the paint.

Marcel is about to send my new regulator, I have adjusted tick over and clutch adjustment.

Next step is to find some engine guards, but I’ll send a separate question about those.

Enjoy your weekend, I hope it is sunny wherever you are.