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Grand prix 125 battery size

Hi i am new to this forum as this is my first chinese bike. It is an 04 plate grand prix 125 scooter. What size  of battery does it need i have a 4ah 12v yuasa lying around looks a bit small. Will this do. Also where would i get left hand indicators both are broken nothing on fleabay. I was looking at how much left website and there is only 2 of these on the road. Speak about exclusive

GT650R 2007 – Fault with Battery draining..

Hi There,

Sorry if this post is somewhere else on this forum and I have duplicated it, but I did look everywhere before I posted this and couldn’t find anything.

I have a 2007 GT650R, and the problem I have is the battery simply drains. I have replaced the battery with a new one but after a couple of days it is dead. I also took the bike out on a decent ride and towards the end the bike started to die, then when it did (about a mile from my home) it would not start again.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.