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Feb 8, 2023

Crank but no start, ecu? – GV250 2012 EFi

So 2012 gv250 wires to alternator were repaired, charges now. I think my son rode with low battery, wondering if ecu got fried from that…

Charged battery, started, rough, then ok, then rough. Sit over night no start, then starts, now not at all, just cranks over, full battery charge.

I have spark, injectors spray gas, pick up sensor has resistance and connected, replaced air intake temp sensor and eng temp sensors…, new plugs. Good fuel pressure to injectors.

Just cranks, can smell fuel out exhaust…

I think ecu is fryed?

32900h88400 ecu unavailiable, even from Hyosung, Korea, they sold sent me incorrect ecu in place, different dual connectore, vs my single connector… Cannot find any dealers in MA or even ecu repair shops in usa to send to for a check, even international ecu repair shops saying they cannot repair…

Pretty screwed here it seems, unless ecu is ok and some other reason for no start?

To make worse, my son wiped out and no tachometer or F1 light, f codes etc possible.

Any comments, discussion, ideas would help… thank you.