Hi all, I know I’m new to this club and I know that a lot of people don’t like new people asking for help but either way I’ll put this out there in the hope that someone can help.😊

So, I bought this bike as a spares or repairs and I’m slowly going through the process of putting it back on the road in the hope of having it ready asap. I’ve fixed both front and rear brakes, right handle bar, camshaft bearing (seriously thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew when I finally got it to start up and theirs a mental knock from the top endπŸ˜‚), luckily it was only the bearing and now is smooth, indicators and a few other little bits..

The only problem I have is when I finally got it to start up is was running quite lumpy so I stripped the carbs down and they were full of muck. As I was in no particular rush at the time so i had the time to leave it in the ultrasonic cleaner to get every little bit of muck out.
Once it was all cleaned it looked like new 😍put it all back together jets all clean and put back in. After putting it back on the bike with fresh fuel and all the lines cleaned out I couldn’t get it to start :/
Ive finally got it to start but here’s where the problem is thats got me completely stumped…
Sometimes it’ll start and sometimes it won’t, when it does start sometimes it’ll take a few turns to start and sometimes it’ll start straight away, and once it has started, sometimes it’ll Rev the nuts off the thing and I’ll have to turn it off and sometimes it’ll idle nice and smooth… I’ve tried running a fuel pipe straight to the carb from the tank to cut out all the vacuum systems to remove the possibility of fuel starvation and no help, it won’t run from the tank but if you shuv a funnel in the end of the fuel pipe going to the carbs and fill it with fuel then it’ll start occasionally…

Sorry for the long winded explanation but I’m completely stumped on this and wanted to give you as much info as I could think of so that you have a better idea of what is going on. Any help is appreciated at this point :/

Cheers – Toby

(plus if I’ve put it in the wrong topic please let me know or if you can, move it to the correct topic 😊thanks again)