520 Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit (Conversion) :: Hyosung GV125 Aquila

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  • Poor top speed?  Need to cruise in 4th?
  • Always adjusting a soon worn chain?
  • Poor lifespan of stock sprockets?
  • Want to accelerate faster from 1st gear?

This is the only complete conversion kit strictly for GV125 Aquilas with extras!


👇 Full Details below!        #GoFaster?

⚙️ 520 Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit (Conversion) :: Hyosung GV125 Aquila

🚚 4-5 DAYS DELIVERY   #GV Chain & Sprocket Kit  

Hyosung GV125’s now benefit from a custom & complete 428-to-520 conversion chain & sprocket kit!
Put simply this…
You will have more top end over any stock 428 kit. #guaranteed
You will accelerate better in low gears #guaranteed.

520 kits outlive all stock 428 chains, so it’s great for Distance Touring!

📦 Product Details  (Full Bundle Kit):

 ⚙ Yamaha Front Sprocket
(From AFAM EU / SUNSTAR / or Yamaha OEM)
 ⛓ GOLD 520 Jap Chain
(From RK | EK | DID | etc)
⚙ 520 Rear Sprocket
(Silver or Black [random]
see gallery above ^ 📷)
 🔧 Genuine Hyosung Washer 🔧 Genuine Sprocket Nut 🔩 4x Stainless bolts (#freebies)

🏁 This 520 Kit  Vs  Stock 428 Setup

🏁 Accelerate to 70mph faster than stock 428s.
For Hyosung GV125 this 520 chain & sprocket kit
🛣 Top Speed is a max of 85-89mph
(Need Proof?)

Stock sprockets on GV125s top out around 73mph ish at most!
⚙ Lower Revs in all gears.
Want to cruise all day?
🌄 Tour Ready!
Ride long distance with less adjustments
⚙ Cruise in lower gear
Shorter rides are better too!
🏍 Exclusive to GV125
  & Gold looks good! 👌 

Credits to @John.P!

Youtube = https://youtu.be/doJCjcBhwUQ

This is a big special kit that will take 3-5 working days to arrive to you   (via UPS/DPD)


👍 Hyosung Model
✔ Fitting Instructions
📦 Product Colours
GV125 Aquila only
(2001 – 2018✔)
Just swap & go #Literally.
Rear Sprocket is Silver or Black (random)
Chain => Gold.

⛔ WILL NOT FIT    2019 – 2020    MODELS
         ( It has a different engine & chassis that’s why. )

Need more detailed help?  Visit the Forums!  or send an email if you prefer to!

Ref OEM # = 27510H41732 , 27510H41721, 27600HG5150

5 reviews for 520 Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit (Conversion) :: Hyosung GV125 Aquila

  1. David (verified owner)

    Just had this fitted big difference good deleviery aswel

  2. Luke

    This was my major upgrade on my GV125. I can’t recommend this enough. Has greatly improved the performance, especially up hills.

  3. Moustache Man (verified owner)

    Took out the 125 for a test spin and wow i am absolutely amazed.
    I’m amazed at the rev range that it now provides, i can cruise at 2500rpm doing 30mph in gear 5, it actually hits 60mph in gear 3 which is crazy! I can cruise at 70mph at 8000-8500 revs, whilst beforehand I would only be able to just hit 70 at max revs, around 10500 to 11,000rpm. This means i can safely commute to work with the bike running at 7000rpm doing about 60 to 65mph which is fast and means the engine is under a lot less stress!!

    Those gains are insane, however, the top speed is even more impressive. I was under the impression that the sprocket kit wouldn’t add power, but just shift the power band instead. Which is actually kinda correct. With the stock bike, I only managed to hit 70, barely 71mph.
    With the new kit installed, I managed to hit 80mph today on a motorway. That’s insane! So fast for a 125cc!

    Thanks for your amazing customer service, keeping me updated throughout my delivery
    And thank you for the sprocket kit, it has sure made me happy this christmas. The bike is wonderful, and the acceleration too omg! It’s crazy! It gets to 0-60 in no time

    Absolutely wonderful, would highly recommend this modification, so cheap and the chain is a lovely golden colour. Plus the chain seems a lot thicker than the stock one, so it’ll definitely take a couple thousand more miles than the stock one. I love it!

  4. Joe Banks (verified owner)

    Upgraded the chain and sprockets on my GV 125 c, to the 520 chain, and what a difference it makes. From pulling away for the first time after fitting the differene was clear. Smoother and faster transference of power to the back wheel through the gears and fourth really does feel like fifth.

    Really happy with this feels like a new bike. Cheers Marcel 😛

  5. Joe Banks (verified owner)

    I have to agree to pretty much all Moustache Man has to say. Not had the chance to hit the motorway yet but was running up hill at 55 in fourth. Previously would have been struggling to sit on 50 uphill, I am bigger than average so it is to the bikes credit that it manages this :p.

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