520 Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit (Conversion) :: Hyosung GV125 Aquila

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  • Poor top speed?  Need to cruise in 4th?
  • Always adjusting a soon worn chain?
  • Poor lifespan of stock sprockets?
  • Want to accelerate faster from 1st gear?

This is the only complete conversion kit strictly for GV125 Aquilas with extras!


👇 Full Details below!        #GoFaster?

⚙️ 520 Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit (Conversion) :: Hyosung GV125 Aquila

🚚 4-5 DAYS DELIVERY   #GV Chain & Sprocket Kit  

Hyosung GV125’s now benefit from a custom & complete 428-to-520 conversion chain & sprocket kit!
Put simply this…
You will have more top end over any stock 428 kit. #guaranteed
You will accelerate better in low gears #guaranteed.

520 kits outlive all stock 428 chains, so it’s great for Distance Touring!

📦 Product Details  (Full Bundle Kit):

 ⚙ Yamaha Front Sprocket
(From AFAM EU / SUNSTAR / or Yamaha OEM)
 ⛓ GOLD 520 Jap Chain
(From RK | EK | DID | etc)
⚙ 520 Rear Sprocket
(Silver or Black [random]
see gallery above ^ 📷)
 🔧 Genuine Hyosung Washer 🔧 Genuine Sprocket Nut 🔩 4x Stainless bolts (#freebies)

🏁 This 520 Kit  Vs  Stock 428 Setup

  •  Accelerate to 70mph faster than stock 428s.  #Guaranteed.
    For Hyosung GV125 this 520 chain & sprocket kit
  • Top Speed is a max of 85-89mph  (Need Proof?)
    (Stock sprockets on GV125s top out around 73-75mph at most!) 
  • Lower Revs in all gears. (Cruise all day?)
  • Tour Ready! Ride long distance with less adjustments
  • Cruise in lower gear shorter rides are better too!
  • Exclusive to GV125  & Gold looks good! 👌

Credits to @John.P!

Youtube = https://youtu.be/doJCjcBhwUQ

This is a big special kit that will take 3-5 working days to arrive to you   (via UPS/DPD)


👍 Hyosung Model
✔ Fitting Instructions
📦 Product Colours
GV125 Aquila only
(2001 – 2018✔)
Just swap & go #Literally.
Rear Sprocket is Silver or Black (random)
Chain => Gold.

⛔ WILL NOT FIT    2019 – 2020    MODELS
         ( It has a different engine & chassis that’s why. )

Need more detailed help?  Visit the Forums!  or send an email if you prefer to!

Ref OEM # = 27510H41732 , 27510H41721, 27600HG5150

1 review for 520 Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit (Conversion) :: Hyosung GV125 Aquila

  1. David (verified owner)

    Just had this fitted big difference good deleviery aswel

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