High Performance Regulator Rectifier [Reg Rec] :: GV GT 125 250 R GTR Hyosung

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An uprated Regulator Rectifier based on MOSFET tech used on large CC Kawasaki bikes.

Gives the Hyosung bikes that “Punchy” idle & extra electrical power grunt through the gears! 

A direct replacement with the added benefits of its size & better build quality.  ⚡ A better Regulator for Hyosungs?  

Details below!… ⬇️

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Performance Regulator Rectifier For Hyosung GV GT 125 250 R GTR

#1 Electrical Problem on the Hyosung vTwins?  It’s almost always The Regulator Rectifier !  (….or so they say!…)

🔲 Standard Regulator faults…

  • Poor Charging / Unstable Idle / Erractic Electrical Behavior
  • Burns holes when it dies  (🔻 see video below….)
  • Poor Lights  /  the Reg Rec can upset the Stator (Generator inside engine)
  • Lifespan issues (1970s diode tech) / runs too hot 
  • Costs £70-120 from Factory (& more so for “EFI” bikes)

⚡️ The Uprated version:

(Better Cooled & Larger Heatsink used)
 ✔ From large CC Kwaks
(Beefier than ALL Hyosung regulators.)
(uses the same plugs & more importantly correct wire positions / polarity!)
(Smoother revs through gears)
(plus faster cold starts!)
(An improvement on some models of Naked bikes & Cruisers)
(More battery juice than a stock unit!)
(Less load in your Stator/Generator)

📽 Customer Running Video Clips
The customers also fitted these by themselves after recieving them.
Stock Unit = Rev counter (rpm) is always bouncy!
Upgraded  Units =  Steady Idle  (at anytime)




Please allow  3-4 working days max delivery.  (Royal Mail Packet)

🔧 Fitting Instructions:
Fitting wise -> get creative! 👌
Sideways mount works great. (need help?)

Check out the customer gallery above ^ for you to see.

🏍 Model fitment list:

  • GTR = 125 , 250
  • GT = 125 , 250
  • GV125 (up to 2018)
    GV250 Carby (all carby)
  • 250 EFI Bikes = This works too.  📽 See customer video above  ^.


5 reviews for High Performance Regulator Rectifier [Reg Rec] :: GV GT 125 250 R GTR Hyosung

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    On this regulator bike working much better , no problem with idle.
    Thanks Marcel !!!

  2. shane (verified owner)

    Only brought this since I’ve heard the stock ones on the bike aren’t that reliable

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    This part is a must i have the coils the caps and irridium plugs and will be getting the stator and the bike is totally diffrent it start straight up from cold And it really seems to have a kick up its arse now and for the price it really is worth the money

  4. anthony harris (verified owner)

    Iv only ordered this as the old ones are rubbish

  5. Martynas (verified owner)

    Works perfectly

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