NGK Laser Iridium Performance Spark Plugs x2 – Various Hyosung Models

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NGK LASER Iridium upgrade spark plugs (x2) to suit various Hyosung vTwin bikes.
From NGK themselves: With the smallest tip diameter available, LASER Iridium spark plugs provide superior ignitability and long service life. The iridium/platinum surfaces ensure a slow wear rate, providing stable idle and superior anti-fouling.
⚡ Better throttle action in all gears with a cleaner spark?  Why not!


2x NGK LASER Iridium Spark Plug – Uprated for Various Hyosung

That NGK “Blue I.X”  is overhyped. Yes it is!.  Denso is overhyped.  Champion isn’t all that.   A more spirited Hyosung prefers the “NGK LASER Iridium Platinum” Plugs!

🏍 Hyosung vTwin Models
GV125 | GV250 | GV650 | GT125R | GT125 | GT250 | GT250R | GT650 | GT650S | GT650R.
🚚 UK Delivery = 4-6 working days
For urgent orders, just email us first 🙂
📕 Hyosung Part number

📑 Product Specifications (from NGK themselves) ::

  • Laser-welded iridium center electrode tip
  • Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides long life
  • Trivalent metal plating for superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing
  • ⚡ Faster cold starts & improved acceleration
  • ⚡ Increased throttle response
  • ⛽ Better fuel economy & lower emissions
  • 🏆 Best OEM Iridium spark plug on market
  • 👍 OEM-approved design.

🔧 Fitting Instructions =  Swap & Go!   (Need help?)

3 reviews for NGK Laser Iridium Performance Spark Plugs x2 – Various Hyosung Models

  1. dufferdave (verified owner)

    Great plugs, much better than original ones, a must for a smooth running engine.

  2. Luke

    A great companion to the coils and caps. Highly recommended. Fast delivery to Spain. Excellent service from Marcel

  3. eman ellul

    Just upgraded to the uprated coils, the uprated regulator, the uprated stator and ngk caps with iridium spark plugs. I have to say it made an amazing difference, the bike almost no longer needs choke (less than a minute and only on first start in the morning), acceleration has improved significantly and my bike is now charging (which was my original problem :p). Very happy with all items 🙂
    Bike is a 2003 gv250 carby model

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