NGK Uprated HT Coil Spark Plug Cap/Covers (x2) – Hyosung GTR GT GV (Various Models)

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  •   Genuine NGK    .
    A sparking system upgrade for bikes needing better sparking power from a trusted brand!
  • 🌡Runs Colder (Better heat resistance)
  • 🔩  Better Vibration Resistance (Silicone outer-shell)
  • ⚡ Higher Sparking Rate (Ceramic Resistor)
  • ⚡ Improved RPM Performance (Stable Revs)
  •  ✔  Trusted Brand vs Factory ones (Less ignition problems!)
  •    SOLD AS 2 PIECES. (Front & Rear)  .

🔻 More Technical Details below!


NGK Uprated HT Coil Spark Plug Cap / Covers – Hyosung GTR GT GV (Various Models)
  ( x2 Pieces )

NGK Spark Plug Cap for Hyosungs?  When it comes to spark plugs, we all know they are as important as the tyres themselves since we don’t go anywhere without either! Likewise, they are the hardest workers inside your engine from start to finish.

A HT Coil Spark Plug Cap plays a critical role as the middle-man between the actual spark plug and your ignition coil, to deliver a constantly good electrical flow (even when the bike is HOT)

Faulty HT Cap symptoms (Standard OEM ones):

  • Bike jerks / surges when the HT Cap is HOTTER than usual
  • Sometimes it will feel like there is a misfire between 6-9k revs
  • The RPM needle can be bouncy/jerky
  • Faulty/Damaged Caps -> Exhaust sounds can change (boggy)
  • Insulating material cracks after a while on some older Hyosungs.

📦 NGK Upgrade HT Coil Spark Plug CAP cover Tech Specs:

  • The NGK spark plug caps are designed to give perfect noise suppression across all frequencies whilst engine performance is not adversely affected whatsoever.
  • Featuring a resistor element pressed in between the plug terminal and the high tension wire connection, the construction is extremely durable, the resistor element is long enough to prevent interior flashover, and steady resistance is maintained.
  • Superlative ceramic materials are incorporated that resist deterioration and have small
    resistance variation under over-load, whilst the plug connector is made of sturdy phenolic resin, practically oblivious to tremendous heat and high tension, and very rugged rubber material.
  • The heat press insertion makes the construction all the more tough and vibration-resistant. Special rubber liners on both ends prevent moisture from causing electrical leakage.

🚚 UK Delivery Time:   In Stock. 🛠 Fitting Instructions:
Allow 3-4 working days
   You will get 2 pieces.   ( Front & Rear )  
None.   Simply swap & go!  (need any help?)

🏍 Hyosung Model fitment list:

GT125R & 125RC  GT250R & RC  GT650R & RC
GV650  GV125 Aquila
(up to 2017)
GV250 Carby & EFI  GT125 Naked  GT250 Naked

Reference OEM Part Number(s) = 33500H88412, 33500H88411, 33500H88410, 33510-05C01

🎬 CUSTOMER VIDEOS   ….From Cold.  
YouTube Link:

4 reviews for NGK Uprated HT Coil Spark Plug Cap/Covers (x2) – Hyosung GTR GT GV (Various Models)

  1. Lee Bartlett (verified owner)

    Fits a lot better than original plug cap and as always you can’t go wrong with NGK products. Very good quality plug cap.

  2. dufferdave (verified owner)

    Top Quality , improves performance and tickover.

  3. Andy (verified owner)

    Easy upgrade

  4. Luke

    Easily fitted and noticeable improvement. Highly recommended. Fast delivery to Spain. Excellent service from Marcel

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