X-Ring Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit {Full 520 Conversion} :: Hyosung RT125 | RX125


#GoFaster? #TourFriendly?

  • Tired of fast wearing 428 sprockets?
  • Need more cruising speed on longer journeys?
  • Tired of always adjusting the stock chain?

A serious X-Ring 520 conversion kit tailored strictly for the RT & RX bikes…why not!

Hyosung Chain & Sprocket Kit 520 vs 428

🔻 Full Details below!



⚙️ X-Ring Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit { Full 520 Conversion } :: Hyosung RT125D RX125SM

 🚚 Special Order   # 520 Conversion for RT | RX  

Just like  our GV125 Aquila kit , the Hyosung RT125’s now benefit from complete 428 to 520 conversion chain & sprocket kit.
This time you will have more top end over any stock 428 kit (better cruising speeds for touring.) #Guaranteed
The Jap spec 520 parts outlive any factory 428-setup for their longevity & much less adjustments to do all the time!

📦 Product Details:

 ⚙ Yamaha Front Sprocket
(SCM420 Chromoly Steel)
 ⛓ JapSpec 520 X-Ring Chain
(DC-XRING | DID-X or JT Racing X)
⚙ 520 Rear Sprocket
(Bolt On Fitment)
 🔧 Genuine Hyosung Washer 🔧 Genuine Sprocket Nut 🔩 4x Stainless carrier bolts (#freebie)

🏁 520 Conversion KitVs  Standard 428 Setup

  • The RX & RT125 benefit from improved gearing from low to high rpms. #guaranteed.
  • Accelation is faster #guaranteed
  • Top speed is extended beyond the 428 setup (more mph)
    (The custom rear sprocket has better gearing so you will definitely go beyond the stock speed limits!) 
  • Good for Touring or everyday riding = less adjustments to do!
  • Handles extra luggage weight on bike = its less taxing
  •   X-Ring    chains last way longer than all Hyosung 428H | 428O chains.

🚚 UK DELIVERY TIME = This is a special order that will take 4-6 working days to arrive to you.

✔ Fitting Instructions:  None.  Just swap & go #Literally.

✔ Hyosung Model List: 

RT 125D (All)  XRX125 SM  (99-06)  RX125D  | RX125 SM

📦 Product Colours = Rear sprocket = Silver or Black (Random) |  Chain = Dark/Grey

Need more detailed help?  Visit the Forums!  or send an email if you prefer to!

Ref OEM # = 64511H93B00, 64511HM5400 , 64511H93B01 | 27600HM5400 | 27600HG5801

Additional information

Bike Model

RT125, RX125/XRX125 SM


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