Upgrade Clutch Friction Plates & Springs Drive Overhaul Kit – Hyosung GV300S GV300SS


//  Only for GV300S | GV300SS  // 
Strictly “Heavy Duty upgrade” clutch plates and clutch springs for the GV300S | GV300SS models. Enjoy an optimized power transfer (less slipping) & longer clutch life than stock worn parts! – More smoother gear changes too?

Compared to standard plates, this kit features:

  • 10% Stronger EBC clutch springs
  • Heavy Duty EBC UK clutch friction plates

⏬ Check out the full details below!


Upgrade Clutch Friction Plates & Springs Drive Overhaul Kit – Hyosung GV300S GV300SS

     //  SPECIAL ORDER  //
  //  STRICTLY FOR  GV300S | GV300SS Models Only //  

An exclusive kit of strictly heavy duty clutch plates, clutch springs made by EBC UK , a trusted brand when it comes to clutches & brakes, even in the motorsport world.  This one is for serious riding or  simply to have a better clutch performance while riding around!

📦 Clutch Overhaul Kit includes the following parts:

EBC HeavyDuty Friction Clutch Plates
Heavy duty plates allow more mileage than stock plates, especially on long trips  & they bite better .  You will get either EBC Clutch Friction Plates.
EBC HeavyDuty Clutch Springs 
10% Stronger than standard springs better clutch power through the gears. Reinforced for longer life. Replaces tired or weak springs & Prevents/reduces clutch slippage
Premature or rapid clutch wear is often caused by tired clutch springs. Always replace springs at clutch rebuild. These premium upgrade springs reduce chance of clutch slip and the increased lever pressure is almost unnoticed by the rider.
💡 Install Tips & Oil Usage

Plates must be oil soaked using standard drive case oil for a few hours before install to avoid heat scorching. Always replace tired clutch springs and check for wear on driven (non lined) plates & use GOOD QUALITY oil.  Cheap oil is a no-no on Hyosung bikes,  walk away from anyone that says cheap oil doesn’t matter. You want your bike to last a long life don’t you 🙂

For GV300S | GV300SS Aquila
Get optimized power transfer (less slipping) & longer life than stock worn parts.  Out with the old, and in with the new!

🏍 Hyosung Model List:

✔  GV300S & GV300SS
✔  From 2021+ onwards.

🚚 UK Delivery Times:
This is a special order, please allow 4-7 working days delivery.

🤍 Installation Tips

 Just a heads up, it is a good idea to replace/inspect your clutch every 4,000~ miles.  Keep an eye on the forum , and post a topic there if you need help installing plates

⚠️ It is always recommended to soak your new plates in fresh oil for few  hours, before installing on the bike.  It is ideal to also change the oil filter too!

Clutch plates should be installed by a competent mechanic if you’re unsure what to do, or Send us a sales email if you have questions regarding this kit or post in the Technical Forums for help installing it


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