• Injectors were actually cleaned by the only mechanic in my city who was brave enough to touch Hyosung (and failed) so at least that’s off the list.

    I will get myself a contact cleaner, and look for a new stator tho finding a replacement part here is not easy.

    Thank you for advices. I will update the post when I make any progress.

    God bless…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much for your help.

    I took off the battery and ECU for as whole day, connected again, the FI and cHE still stand. Here’s the ECU.

    I checked the following:

    -IAT Intake air temp
    -IAP Intake Air pressure
    -WT Water temp
    -TP Throtle posistion – it was slightly off but not much. I adjusted it nevertheless.

    Can’t check the termostat…[Read more]

  • Hi folks, I’m oput of ideas how to bite the problem and need help from people smarter than me.
    It’s Hyosung GT650 2012 (EFI i believe. 2 sloted ECU).

    I bought it with disabled rpm meter and Fi check lamp lighting, but it worked fine. A bit Jerky, but fine.
    Now unfortunately it lacks power, especially at starting from a stop, and at higher RPM.…[Read more]

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