• Hi guys, thanks again for your input. Just to elaborate a little on the bikes current status. So, the bike isn’t any different in the end other than having a dash that powers up with funny display readings!

    With the ignition key turned on and kill switch turned on, the headlight comes on as before. High and low beam work fine and indicators work…[Read more]

  • Hi guys, sorry for the inactivity of late. Been flat out and haven’t had much time to myself. Ive since got the other dash, it powers up finally but its had a rough life. Zeros show on lcd screen as sevens! Its kinda funny but at least it goes to show that the original dash was broken somewhat. Put airbox and tank back on and plugged everything…[Read more]

  • Thanks again Marcel for your input. The dash looked squeaky clean inside when I disassembled it with no obvious signs of damage or burns. But like I said before, perhaps there’s something broken that i can’t see with the naked eye? I’ve since bought another dash and it’s on its way, hopefully get it by the weekend. It looks rough but as long as it…[Read more]

  • Okay guys, these are some voltage readings exactly as they appeared on my multimeter on the dash plug with ignition on and with plug open ended (not plugged into dash)

    Orange 12.14

    Red 12.14

    Blue/yellow tracer -0.13 (yes, minus)

    Light Green 0.00

    Yellow 0.12

    Black 0.01

    Black/white tracer 0.06

    Yellow/black tracer 0.00

    White/blue tracer…[Read more]

  • So ive been back at it with my bike doing continuity and voltage tests and everything seems okay as far as I can tell but still the same issue with the dash. Im fairly certain that the dash is buggered!? The original headlight was smashed so im beginning to think that whatever impacted the headlight was enough to disrupt something internally on…[Read more]

  • that’s a great Idea there mate! 👍im thinking of doing something very similar for the sake of figuring out the cause of my bikes problems. Just have to be thorough and patient!

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  • Thanks again guys for your input. Im trying to track down some spares like another dash and maybe an s&t ecu like what’s in my bike but not too many wreckers around in Adelaide other than MR motorcycle wreckers. I plan on carefully removing the entire main harness and thoroughly checking for breaks and testing on the weekend. Can’t resume work…[Read more]

  • So ive made and uploaded a quick video to YouTube as requested. Its my first time so its a bit rough! Haha above is the link. If that doesn’t work it can be found by searching hyosung gt650r 2010 no dash.

    I haven’t had any time to play around with the bike since the last time as ive been flat out…[Read more]

  • Okay, so, ive got the ol multimeter out again and can confirm that there’s a healthy 12v at the green ignition barrel plug on both wires and on both sides. I can confirm also that there’s 12v at both wires on both fuse boxes. Also got 12v at both red and orange wire on dash plug. All done with key turned on.

    Still no response on the dash other…[Read more]

  • Thanks again for taking the time mate. I’ll check those few things tomorrow. I know my broken headlight had a tiny bulb just above the high beam, buggered if I know how to get it out if its blown? Lol also I already have my fears about the ecu. Whether its plugged in or not, doesn’t make any difference to the bikes current state. Would a stuffed…[Read more]

  • Update: ive sourced a relay that fits the vacant plug at the back. It hasn’t solved anything. Dash still doesn’t come on. All other relays work. Bike is as it was at the beginning of the thread except for looking quite a mess! I find it hard to believe that the entire bike only has 2 fuses!?

  • Thanks for the input guys. I’ve just resumed work but haven’t made any progress yet. Bike is a complete mess at the moment!

    Ive since found a white 2 pin plug with a white/blue wire and a black/yellow wire. Ive done a continuity test and traced it all the way back to the ecu plug. If it traces back to ecu then surely it has some significance…[Read more]

  • Legend, thanks for the info! I’ll get hold of another relay and have another crack at it on the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes 👍

  • Hi guys, new to the forum and seeking help. Ive picked up a 2010 gt650r efi for cheap recently as a project bike. Bike was completely dead when I got it and had a broken headlight. Ive replaced the battery and headlight which obviously needed to be done. So, with the ignition and kill switch turned on the headlight comes on but not the dash. Low…[Read more]

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