Hi guys,

In desperate need of some assistance.

I bought my GT125R about 8 months ago and parked it up in a garage over the winter. Been getting it ready to put her through its Mot, few jobs here and there, Plugs, fluids, fuel and air lines, lights and pads all over. When I first started the work she would fire up and run no problems.

All of a sudden, when you hit the ignition switch it does nothing. Battery is perfect. Charged up and holds charge fine.

Started to some process of elimination and its become quite clear that the previous owner was a bit of a tinkerer as all the wiring it’s taped up and earthed in places I don’t think they should be, not only that but it’s also got a 250 CDI/Ecu unit.

From what I can gather he’s bodged the wiring so that it can’t start without having the kickstand up, clutch in and bike in neutral. But even with all these in or out. It doesn’t work. (I did find it wierd that the neutral light was always on regardless of gear.

Can anyone help on why the bike won’t fire? Does anyone have a tutorial on how the ecu warning overrideĀ  mentioned above should be wired.

Ps. The starter motor and solenoid is fine as if I bypass the ecu and hardwire it in the bike does turn over. There’s just no sparks. Which I believe to be the fact the ecu is not giving the signals to the spark plugs.

Any help is much appreciated as it is driving me insane and haven’t been able to ride all summer!