Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line (Hose Kit) :: Hyosung GT650 GT125R GT250 GT125


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Stainless Rear Brake Line – More power the brakes!
Replacing your original OEM rear brake line with a stainless version is one of the “Top Mods” to do on your Hyosung GT bikes.    With stainless brake hose , you will notice the benefits right away including:

  • Increased braking power (no delays / spongy feeling)
  • Lasts many & many years (OEM = 2-3yrs life)
  • Under serious pressure, foot lever feel remains consistant
  • Stainless Silver adds the obvious bling to the bike
  • Custom kit includes: All stainless banjos , washers,  stainless bolts
    (Most other sellers only give you the hose alone!)

🔻 More details below!

Stainless Steel Back Brake Hose (Line Kit) :: Hyosung GT650 GT125R GT250 GT125

📑 Rear Brake Line features/benefits :

  • Stainless rear brake line from GOODRIDGE & HEL
  • Clear coated PTFE inner section with  strong stainless braid
  • Hose Fittings are also stainless steel including bolts , specific banjos.
  • Weather resistant brake line #stainless
  • Improved safety in street riding due to more responsive braking power
  • Withstands better hot temperatures than original rubber hoses.
  • Suitable for track days , distance trouring & track racing.

🏍 Hyosung Model list:
Fits the REAR caliper only. Includes all fittings, washers, banjos

GT 125 Naked  GT125R (All)  GT650R & S
GT 250 Naked  GT250R (All)  GT650

🚚 UK Delivery:
Special Kit = Package delivery is about 4-7 days.

Global shipping available, just let us know your location & we’ll calculate shipping!

Reference OEM Part Numbers : 69480HM8104

💬 For Any questions about this kit, send an email  or instead for general hyosung help , head over to the forums.


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