Intake Pipe O-RING (Inlet Boot Seals) x2 – GV125 GT125 RX125 GV250 GT250 Hyosung


  #NoMoreLeaks!  .

  • Revs dropping slowly?
  • Sluggish behaviour / surging?
  • Hard Starts / Rough Idle? 
  • Hotter engine than usual?

The worst place to leak air is under the manifolds!
Good O-Rings are crucial for a healthy intake system & no strange particles shall enter therein to protect valves & pistons.

  You will get 2x O Rings (Front & Rear) .

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Intake Pipe    O-Rings x2   (Inlet Boot Seals) – GV125 GT125 RX125 GV250 GT250 Hyosung

You will get 2x intake pipe o-rings to fit the rear and front engines. Item is #18 in the picture diagrams ^ 

🚚 UK Delivery Time =   2-3 days.  In stock. 

🏍 Hyosung Model List:

GT125 & GT125R + RC  GV125 & GV250
 (All carb Models)
 GT250 & GT250R
 (Carb Model)
 RX125  GV250 EFI / Ei  GT250 & GT250R
  (EFI Model)

Part Numbers: 09280H32006 |  09280H34000

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Between your engine and intake pipe (aka. inlet manifold) is where the sealing O Ring sits, which is crucial for proper engine & carburettor operation.  This also protects the engine from foreign matter entering in, which may score the piston walls or valves.

If your bike is older,  it is a good idea to change the o-rings as part of  maintaining the bike to a good standard. Old o-rings lose their elasticity and they become too hard like uncooked pasta!   Even bikes that are 5 years old eventually need some attention. Thermal expansions can wear out old intake pipe o-rings.

As a result your bike becomes temperamental,  like sometimes it runs fine, some days it can be hard starting,  fluctuating idle,  runs hotter, makes your fueling mixture leaner, thus making the plugs hotter,  the valves get hotter & wear down prematurely.

Additional information

Bike Model

GT125 & GT125R RC, GV125 & GV250, RX125 SM, GT250 & GT250R, GV250 EFi Model


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