• Hello, my regulator has arrived and has been fitted 😁 I also found a melted wire running from the old regulator up the loom but I’ve replaced and isolated certain wires after a dodgy repair from the previous owner. She’s running absolutely sweet and I never realised the headlamps were so bright 😂

    cheers for the help 👍 fantastic little gro…

  • Hello there, yes I’ve had to correct a few people that assume it’s Chinese 😂

    Interesting you say it could be a regulator issue, could be a bigger problem than I first thought. So the model is the GV125c from 2016, it has a brand new yuasa battery that correlates to the bike but I can get a code for you when I get to work tomorrow as I’ll have…[Read more]

  • Hello all first post here. I’ve fixed up a 2016 Aquila and love everything about it but the battery just won’t charge. It’s a brand new one but I’ve had to bump start it every time I want to go anywhere because the starter seems to kill the battery. I’m wondering if this is an alternator issue or a dodgy negative somewhere and wondered if anyone…[Read more]

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