Carb Rebuild Kit (Carburetor Repair Parts) – Hyosung GT125R GT250 GV125 GV250 GT125

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Cleaning? Repairs or Tuning up? – This carb rebuild kit is a must have for an optimal carb!
A bundle kit of some of the sought after components made in Japan, to help hyosung carbs solve any fueling issues or simply to rebuild an old carb that has been idle for some time, after all Hyosungs do use a Mikuni Japanese carb 😉
It is suitable for all carb 125cc and 250cc vTwin bikes.  The kit also includes some extras (freebies!)

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Carb Rebuild Kit (Carburetor Repair Parts) – Hyosung GT125R GT250 GV125 GV250 GT125

Whether you are doing a service to your carburettors,  or simply doing a restoring / repair job – this carb rebuild kit is every Hyosung owner’s must have. Kit also includes parts to fix fueling issues & to ensure the carburettor is operating optimally for a long time!

📦 Package  Contents:

Float Bowl O-Rings (Gaskets) x2 Pieces 
For Front & Rear Carb
Float Needle Assembly Kit
Includes new needles + seats + various small o-rings
Free Extra 8x Stainless Carb bolts
🛍 Need more of them? Tap this link
Spare Oring & Washer for Pilot C/O Mixture Screw

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🛠 Fitting Instructions:  None.  Just swap & go ;-). (need help?)

🏍 Hyosung model list:

 GT125R & 125RC
(All years)
 GV125 Aquila
(up to 2017 only!)
 GT125 Naked
(All years)
 GV250 Carby  GT250 Carby  GT250R Carby

📃 Reference OEM Part Numbers = 13323HG5100 / 13375HG5100 / 13376HG5100

Changing your carb jets ? You can join the forum and check out the tutorial in swapping jets or simply to know the original OEM size jets for your bike.   Tap this link here to go to it…
If you’re also curious to know what the slide-mod does , you can also check out this blue link here too…

4 reviews for Carb Rebuild Kit (Carburetor Repair Parts) – Hyosung GT125R GT250 GV125 GV250 GT125

  1. Torbjorn Wold-Hansen

    It’s a very nice kit that includes what you need. I especially like that it comes with new screws!

  2. Martin

    When upsetting my GV125 this kit proved absolutely invaluable. Had I not purchased this we would still be struggling with rusty bolts and perished rubber seals. Thanks Marcel.

  3. Martin

    Upsetting should read Upjetting…….. Maybe the two are interchangeable!😁

  4. Rob

    100% genuine parts the guys no what’s hes on about 100% fast delivery would definitely recommend any one with a hyosung

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