Premium Clutch Plates & Springs Kit (Friction Drive Overhaul) – Hyosung GD250N GD250R


   // ✈️ SPECIAL ORDER   (via Germany) //   

A bundle kit of premium clutch plates for long road trips or more reliable everyday riding – A better power transmission to the wheels!

Compared to standard plates, this kit features:

  • Genuine Clutch Springs
  • German Heavy Duty Clutch plates
  • Replacement Genuine Thrust bearing

⏬ Extra info below…

Premium Clutch Plates & Springs Kit (Friction Drive Overhaul) – Hyosung GD250N GD250R

A German premium kit of heavy duty clutch plates, clutch springs, fresh bearing.  This one is for serious riding, like Sport Touring or  simply to have a better clutch power while riding around!

From TRW:
TRW-LUCAS clutch plates are characterised by their durability and consistent performance at high temperatures, also making the transmission more stable at higher speeds.  

📑 Clutch Friction Plates Kit includes the following:

  • TRW/LUCAS Friction Clutch Plates x6
    Heavy duty plates allow more mileage than stock plates & bite harder
  • Genuine Clutch Springs x5
    Always best to replace old fatigued springs at every clutch change / service
  • Genuine Hyosung Clutch Thrust Release Bearing x1
    If you want a much smoother clutch, this part is the key!

🏍 Hyosung Model List:

  • GD250 EXIV R (Sport)
  • GD250N  (Naked)

🚚 UK Delivery Times:
  Special Order  = 5-8 working days delivery.
For urgent overseas orders, let us know first!


Just a heads up, it is a good idea to replace/inspect your clutch every 4,000~ miles.  You can click on here to check out the Forum Guide on how to inspect or overhaul your clutch system as per service manual.   Hyosung also recommends all motorcycles that are under heavy use should be serviced more to keep them in optimal running performance & prevent extra fatigue on parts due to heat (eg.  Clutch Springs)

It is always recommended to soak your clutch plates in fresh oil for 24 hours , before installing on the bike.  Also ensure your clutch cable is well lubricated & adjusted accordingly to extend the life of your clutch

It is also a good idea to always replace your old clutch springs due to heat fatigue.  You can check the Forums for a service/owners manual (click here) for more reading about clutch parts.


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