Premium Chain & Sprocket Kit :: Hyosung GD250N | GD250R


   #PREMIUM  🚚5-7 Days  
A premium chain and sprocket kit for Hyosung GD250N / R models with extras including: an X-Ring chain, stainless bolts, washers, lock nut, premium rear & front sprockets.

Lifespan of the Jap sprockets & chain will outlive the standard Korea made chains & cogs.  This kit will add a little extra acceleration and still exceed 105+ mph.


👇 Full Details below! #GoFaster?

⚙️ Premium Chain & Sprocket Kit :: Hyosung GD250N | GD250R

Whether you are travelling on long distance tours , or more spirited riding such as track days.  This premium chain & sprocket kit will ensure your bike doesn’t need  frequent adjustments ; plus also the sprockets are of better quality ensuring they last longer than the Korea/China made ones.


📦 Product Details  (Full Bundle Kit):

 ⚙ Yamaha Front Sprocket
 ⛓ GOLD “X-RING” Chain
(From RK | EK | ChohoJP | DID | JT-Racing etc)
⚙ Heavy Duty Rear Sprocket
 🔧 Genuine Locking Washer 🔧 Engine Sprocket Nut 🔩 6x Stainless bolts (#freebie)

🏁 This Kit  Vs  Standard Korea Setup

  • Acceleration is up a bit (better hill rides)
  • Top speed is still beyond 105+   (104-112mph max)
  • Tour friendly; less adjustments to do!
  • For GD250s only   & Gold looks good!   


This is a bundle kit that will take 5-7 working days to arrive (via UPS & DPD)

✔ Fitting Instructions:  None.  Just swap & go

✔ Hyosung Model list ::  Hyosung GD250R  | GD250N

📦 Product colours :: Rear sprocket = Shiny Silver |  Chain = Gold.


Need more detailed help?  Visit the Forums!  or send an email if you prefer to!

Ref OEM #s = 27600HC8100 , 27510HJ8200, 64511HM8104S, 27510HC8101, 96451HC8100 


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