Aftermarket Vacuum Fuel Tap (Petrol Gas Petcock) :: Hyosung GT125R GT250R GT650R


 🌊Aftermarket HighFlow Tap  

A common replacement item since the factory taps tend fail a lot (especially after old age).
This aftermarket version has slight new design & is made with better internal materials to prevent premature failures.
This high-flow vacuum tap will handle all Hyosung Carby v-Twins up to 650cc

Slow Fuel delivery issues? – Most cases it can be the vacuum fuel tap that is acting up!

  • 📃Fits vacuum tanks for GT/GTR – 125|250|650cc.
  • 🏁 Plug & Play.
  • 🛠 Includes fresh gasket & stainless bolts!

🔻 More details below!

In stock (can be backordered)

Aftermarket Vacuum Fuel Tap (Petrol Gas Petcock) :: Hyosung GT125R GT250R GT650R

🎁 Vacuum Fuel Tap includes: 

1x Fresh Seal  2x Stainless steel bolts #freebie


To take advantage of a better overall fuel system for the hyosung,  it is recommended upgrade your stock fuel lines to bigger uprated lines that flow fuel much faster , including a very large filter that will last a long while!  –  Last not least,  as with vacuum operated bikes, your vacuum fuel tap will benefit from better vacuum pipes that are colder (up to 100c+) & holds more pulsing air.


Please allow 3-5 working days (RoyalMail)

1 Day express coming soon!  (Can’t wait?->  tap here for contact info.)


GT125 NAKED & GT125P
 ⛔ Vacuum Tap only.  
GT125R & GT125 RC
 ✔ All Carby 125R bikes. 
GT250 Comet Naked 
⛔ Vacuum Tap only.  
(2005 – 2008)
GT650R Carby
(2005 – 2008)
GT650 Comet Carby
(up to 2008)

🔧 Fitting Instructions. =  None. Swap and Go!

📨 Any questions?
Ask in the community forums or use the contact page instead

🔧 Need help changing your fuel & vacuum lines ?
Tap this blue link here (#1) for a tutorial  and also this link here…!(#2)

Reference OEM Numbers: 44300HM8150 44300HM8100 44300HN9100, 44300HN9101


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