Uprated & Braided Air/Vacuum Intake Line Hose Kit :: Hyosung GV GT 125 & 250 {Carby Models}


High grade air line for a better vacuum system! For 125 & 250 Carby Twins

  • Race Braided = Double Rubber SAE braided
  • High durability = Withstands hotter temps up to 100*c
  • Bigger Lines Stock lines are 4/5mm,  bigger lines hold more air in.
  • Less Maintenance Braided hoses last years.
  • For Fuel Tap & Fuel Pump = Replacement braided lines improve the bike’s overall vacuum system & steel clamps ensure hoses can be clamped hard. (Prevents air leaks)

More details below! ⚡️

Air / Vacuum Intake Line Hose Kit for Hyosung GT125 & 250 Carby Models including GV125 & GV250

Stock vacuum intake line | hoses on Hyosungs generally are smaller & have to be cooled away from the engine (notice the coil-springs over them), service manuals on most bikes expect stock lines to be changed every 2-4 years (depends on its quality). 

Uprated air line kit features:

📑 Double hose braided
(2-in-one with strong braids for best reinforcement)
 📑 Keeps vacuum system cooler
(it can withstand hotter temps up to 100*c)

 📑 More constant vacuum
(the fuel pump & tap are less likely to shut off to prevent starvation of fuel)

 📑 Fit Once & Forget ?
(these line kits will outlive any stock setup by many & many years)
  • 🚚 UK Delivery ETA = 1-3 days. Product in stock.
  • 🔧 Plug & Play Fitting =  Remove old lines & swap with the new ones.  (Tap here for tutorial)
  • 🏍 Fits only = Carb Models of GV Aquila & GT/GTR = 125 & 250cc
  • 📦 Includes extra metal clamps  (#freebies)
  • 🚚From UK Suppliers only.   #NoCheapFakes

 ⚠️ For Injected Models ::
This kit does not fit EFi bikes (eg. 250-EFi / 250 Ei)  

💬 Email for any questions or check out the forums for community help.  A  tutorial for installing air lines can be found here also *tap this link*


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