Uprated & Braided Fuel Line + Big Filter Kit :: Hyosung GT125 & 250 {Carby Models}

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  • Race Braided – Strong in nature even in race applications.
  • High durability – Better material used & from UK suppliers. #nochina.
  • Faster Fuel Flow – Carb has less excuse to be starved in long trips!
  • Better Cold Starts – More fuel flows in bigger holes.
  • Giant Filter – Carburettors don’t like particles. (3x bigger than OEM)
  • Less Work – Braided hoses last years & Big Filters last 20K average.

Video & Details Below! 👇


Uprated & Braided Fuel Line + Big Filter Kit :: Hyosung GT125 & 250 {Carby Models}

Big Filter Kit & Line Install  = If you need help installing fuel lines, then TAP THIS LINK HERE for a tutorial to guide you, otherwise you pretty much swap the old ones for the better ones & forget about them. The new upgrade line withstands hotter temps, so less chance of the fuel turning a bit misty before it hits the carburettors and don’t worry the line supplied will be long enough to do the entire swap job :- )

📑 Big Braided lines
last many, many years & they keep fuel cooler since it can withstand temps up to 100c*
🌊 High Flow Filter
is a monstrosity over the tiny stock ones & less maintenance to do since they last a long time. Size matters.
🌊 Bigger High Flow Lines
means Your Carb will have less excuse to be starved of fuel.
  • 🚚 In stock.  2-3 days UK Delivery
  • 📑 Plug & Play – Remove old lines & swap with the new ones. (Tutorial here…)
  • 🏍 Fits only : All Carb models of GT125 | GT125R | GT250 | GT250R
  • 📦 Includes extra metal clamps(#freebies)
  • Filter Kit & Lines from UK suppliers only.   #NoCheapFakeLines.

📽 Running Video Clip  (Cold) GT125 RC
Thanks @Luke.B!

 ⚠️ For “Ei / EFi” & other bikes:   This kit does not fit EFi bikes (for example = GT250-EFi, GV250-Ei) ,
however please send us an email for a custom kit to be built for you.

4 reviews for Uprated & Braided Fuel Line + Big Filter Kit :: Hyosung GT125 & 250 {Carby Models}

  1. Simon

    This absolutely out does the standard horrible Korean stock. Easy to fit, although you do need to clamp the joint on the other side firmly to avoid leaks. Great upgrade and well priced.

  2. Chris Newman

    Grsat upgrade , always enough fuel getting where it needs to , well priced , and delivered quuckly

  3. Lee Bartlett (verified owner)

    Great service once again.
    Much better than the tiny original filter with a much better fuel flow. Would recommend this filter and new fuel pipe.

  4. Andy Elias (verified owner)

    Miles better quality then factory and marcels delivery service is second to none

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