Uprated & Braided Fuel Line + Filter Kit :: Hyosung GV125 & GV250 {Carby Models}


  For GV125 & GV250 Carby Only  .

  • Race Braided – Strong in nature even in race applications. High pressure hose.
  • Better durability – Better material used & from UK suppliers. #nochina.
  • High Flow – Carb has less excuse to be starved in long trips!
  • Better Starts – More fuel flows in bigger holes.
  • Fresh Filter – Carburettors don’t like particles.
  • Less Work – Braided hoses last years


Uprated & Braided Fuel Line + Filter Kit :: Hyosung    GV125 & GV250  {Carby Models}   .

Fuel Filter Kit & Line Install  = If you need help installing fuel lines, then TAP THIS LINK HERE for a tutorial to guide you, otherwise you pretty much swap the old ones for the better ones & forget about them.  The new lines from this shop withstands hotter temps, so less chance of the fuel turning a bit misty before it hits the carburettors

🕘 Long line lifespan
the line lasts many, many years & they keep fuel cooler since it can withstand temps up to 100c*
🌊 High Flow Filter
is a good replacement over the smaller stock ones. It’s always ideal to have fresh fuel filter before it hits the pump & carbs!
🌊 Bigger High Flow Lines
means your carb will have less excuse to be starved of fuel. Big holes hold more liquid inside.
  • 🚚 In stock.  2-3 days FAST UK Delivery
  • 🛠 Plug & Play – Remove old lines & swap with the new ones.
  • 🏍 Fits only : All Carb models of GV125 & GV250
  • 📦 Includes extra metal clamps  (#freebies)
  • Filter Kit & Lines from UK suppliers only.   #NotACheapFakeLine.

Reference OEM Numbers = 44199HJ8230 / 15831HG2602 / 44910HG2600 15841HG5101

 ⚠️ For “Ei / EFi” & other bikes:    This kit does not fit EFi bikes (for example = GV125-GV250-Ei) ,
however please send us an email for a custom kit to be built for you.


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