Uprated Magneto Stator Generator :: For “GT125 RC” 2010-2018 Hyosung {Custom Kit}

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  🎁 EXCLUSIVELY FOR GT125RC & GT125P-Naked    
By popular demand!
A serious custom stator kit strictly for the Hyosung GT125RC New Gen Bikes (2010-2018) and the RC Naked (aka. GT125P).
This upgrade magneto & flywheel combo replaces your stock generator with added benefits of:

  • 🚦 Heavier Flywheel = Torque Boost!
  • 🔋  Fast charging = Better coil wires
  • 💡  Better & Stable Electrics.
  • ⚡️ Runs colder = Bigger than RC stock unit.
  • ⚡️ Fast Starts = Shoots to 1500 rpm cold & fast!
  • ⚡️ Extra RPM Juice for coils & plugs.
  • 🏍 Handles distance Touring
  • 🏁 A full Plug & Play Kit  #Swap&Go.

Remember , the “original Korea” stators and flywheel is sold beyond £250 (we have saved you money with a better upgrade too) and most people know the Korea stators ain’t that great for long term use.  Just look at the woes all over the internet.   And don’t forget Old Gen (2003-2008) vs New Gen (2010 to 2019) use entirely different flywheels and stators.

🔻 Details & Video, Extras below!

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Performance Magneto Stator Generator Coil :: “GT125 RC” 2010-2018 Hyosung
     (Custom Kit)   .

Exclusively for  GT125RC & RC Naked is a special uprated stator coil & custom flywheel bundle kit,  packed with powerful features compared to the standard setup:

  • 🚦  BETTER TORQUE (Bigger flywheel)
  • 🔋  FAST CHARGING (Better wires)
  • ⚡️ TORQUE BOOST (Punchier acceleration @ low rpm)
  • ❄  RUNS COLDER (Thicker unit)
  • ⚡️ PUNCHY IDLE (A boost for spark plugs!)
  • 💡 XTRA HIGH RPM JUICE (Stable electrics)
  • 🏍 GOOD FOR TOURING (Tour Ready)

Stock RC bikes have a smaller flywheel (less spinning weight!) & also stock magneto is smaller than the previous generation Hyosungs!!

🎥 Running Videos =    From cold…   

YouTube link #2
YouTube Link

📦 Box includes the following  (Plug & Play):

2004 GV Aquila Flywheel
    USED.   . 
(For Conversion)
Uprated Stator Unit
Magneto Cover Gasket
    #freebie    .
Stainless Steel Magneto Cover BOLTS! Special Flywheel Puller Tool.  Hi-Tensile Steel Stator Fitting Bolts.

Please allow 8-15 working days for delivery.
This special kit includes a warehouse order for the matching Limited 2004 Flywheel.

🚚 Express Delivery is available for more urgent orders – Just let us know first for a quote!


GT125 RC (2010 to 2018)
     ( WHiTE DASH )  
GT125P Naked (2013 to 2018)
     ( WHiTE DASH )    .

  🚧Swap & Go in 1 hour!  ⏱Fitting Instructions available!       

🔧 Fitting Instructions. =  Available via Email.  Go Get yourself some fresh oil & filter in the meantime!👍

📨 Any questions?
Ask in the community here  or use the contact page instead.

Reference OEM Numbers: H32100HG5100 / 32101HG5100 / 32102HG5100

3 reviews for Uprated Magneto Stator Generator :: For “GT125 RC” 2010-2018 Hyosung {Custom Kit}

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    i would recommend getting it has given my bike a higher top speed and overall it is better than stock i have quite a few upgrades with this doh i have k&n air filter full black widow exhaust up jet performance coils and plugs and regulator bigger fuel lines and vac lines i would say this kit is worth the money also got to think about the time taken to develope the product finding out what fits what and what works on the bike

  2. Karl

    This custom kit is brilliant and well worth the money. My old stator was fried by faulty electrics which had to be replaced.
    This stator is much better and the new flywheel gives a big boost in torque. Throttle is much smoother and responsive. Handles lower speeds in a higher gear perfectly where as the old stock one felt really flat. 30mph in 4rh gear no problem.
    The bike just loves this.
    Again decent service and quick delivery. All parts and tools needed are supplied along with excellent step by step instructions by Marcel. I never attempted anything like this before and with the step by step guidance fitted it perfectly.
    If you’re ordering a new stator definitely consider this full kit.

  3. Jed (verified owner)

    Highly recommend the kit. Easy to install and big perfomance upgrade.

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