Heavy Duty Clutch Springs Set :: GV650 GT650R GT650 Hyosung


   #EBC/LUCAS  {🚚4-8 Days via Germany}   

  • Heavy Duty clutch springs are reinforced winded springs made of high strength, heat treated carbon steel
  • From EBC or TRW-LUCAS (made in Germany)
  • Set includes 6 pieces with free UK shipping.
  • New springs always enhance clutch engagement over fatigued old springs.

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Heavy Duty Clutch Springs Set :: GV650 GT650R GT650 Hyosung

Heavy duty replacement clutch springs to suit a variety of 650 Hyosung vTwins from EBC or  LUCAS Germany, they can be installed in standard and slightly tuned engines with the added benefit of:

 %15-20 stronger
Helps reduce clutch slips or fast clutch wear with more clamping pressure.
Heat Treated High Carbon Steel
Good on hotter engines or bikes under extended usage
 Less heat fatigue
Better winded coil vs softer stock OEM springs.
Extended clutch usage
A firmer clutch slips less meaning less ‘accelerated’ wear.

🏍 Model fitment list:

  • Naked GT650
  • GT650R & RC / Ei / EFi
  • GV650 Aquila / Mirage

Reference OEM Part Number(s) = 09440H20003

🚚 UK Delivery = allow 4-8 working days  (special order)  
For International Shipping, please send an email for a shipping quote.

// For a range of Hyosung GV650 & GT650 Service Manuals , tap here to visit the Forum.



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