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      Robert Wilde
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      Apr 6, 2019

      So I have got my carb working reasonably well, some variations at idle but waiting on parts. One thing that I am wondering about is the fact I cannot get it into neutral while running. If I am at lights for a while I hit the kill switch, it will go in neutral no worries, then restart.

      Wondering if this is something others have found or is this a sign I need a new clutch. I do plan on replacing the clutch very soon anyway, aiming on the next oil change. I changed the oil when I first got the bike, 500 Km ago.

      Just need to figure out if I should do this ASAP or I can wait another 3500 Km.

      Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Apr 6, 2019
      North UK

      The 250 clutch does start to wane a little beyond 3000km ish but ive seen people ride beyond that. The manual does say inspect the WHOLE clutch every 4k.
      Tap the link below , which is a tutorial and read where it says SYMPTONS.
      Hard neutrals is one of them listed there.

      Motul Ester or Silkolene ESTER (Note the ESTER), is the best oils for the hyosungs and they show it. Fancier brands out there exist but you may end up paying premium price for bottle that’s mixed the same way as cheap crude oil. However Motul and Silkolene are trusted brands.

      Also consider the slack on the chain.

      Another shout is to check your gear shift lever, if its wobbly or got too much play that will affect gear changes too.

      [Tutorial] Hyosung GV/GT 125 & 250 Clutch Plates Replacement How To

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