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      eman ellul
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      GV250 aquila

      Hello guys, i have a problem with my 2003 gv250 carb model, its having trouble revving. While stationary it idles well, and can take slow rev ups, however when i pull the throttle quickly the engine turns off. I tried letting it warm up a bit but it made no difference. When i try to move into gear it instantly turns off. The modifications ive made are iridium spark plugs cr8eIX, after i changed the plugs the bike worked well except for a little loss of power for a second at about 7k revs, later i changed to these ht leads ( which is when the no go problem really became a problem. Has anyone encountered a anything similar? Or can maybe guide on how i can fix this?

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      I am happy you got your NGK caps.   I wanted to respond to this topic and ask a few questions but wow , you already told me on email this morning when i woke up::

      didn’t notice a loose slider connection to the coil and it was basically working on a single piston,

      So looks like you’re already riding away now 🙂

      Let us know if you encounter any issues again but i hope not,  look after that damsel!

      // Meditation doesn't mean you have to sit still....

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