So let’s just say I got this for one simple reason.. it has to be by far the best looking 125.
Knowing absolutely nothing about bikes except the basic stuff. I went out and purchased it. From the second I heard it fire up I wanted the inner child lept out of me and before I knew it I was looking in the mirror at the bike on the trailer behind me. This bikes taught me a hell of a lot about bikes. It’s been so so easy to diagnose problems with a bit of help from others and common sense not matter what problem could evolve you can almost guarantee you’ll be back on the bike within half an hour tops.
I’ve now owned this bike for two years and have 3 bikes in total. however whilst riding my two other bikes nothing makes my inndey child come out as much as the hyo does.
It will be the head turner of all your friends and you’ll get the constant Questions” why have you got Lplates on a 650″ ( presuming your on a CBT that is)
You may get worried about the size and weight but you’ll soon get used to it and think nout of it. And it’ll give you more confidence on any other bike you jump on.
Summary to this is.. if you want something fun , easy to work on, be the envy of other 125 users and have by far the best and one of the fastest 4ts around get this bike ! Also you’ll never get sick of looking at her!