CNC Anodized Magnetic Oil Filler Cap Plug Bolt :: GT125R GV125 GT125 Hyosung

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   ♨ Hot   .

Apart from the visual bling , this Anodized Oil Filler Cap also collects flying metallic bits from the engine with a strong magnet!

  • ⚖ Slightly Lighter than OEM
  • 🔧 Easier oil change jobs as you can use a spanner!
  • 🎨 Various colours to choose from
  • 🗑 Collects metallic objects on the loose
  • Fits Hyosung 125cc vTwins exclusively only.

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CNC Anodized Magnetic Oil Filler Cap Plug Bolt :: GV GT GTR 125cc Hyosung

ANODIZED Oil Filler Cap designed to replace the Original Hyosung version.

📑 An anodized & magnetic plug made from high grade aluminium, with multiple colour choices.  The filler cap also includes a magnetic tip to collect any flying junk inside the bike, especially any old metallic shavings from the clutch system.

🔧 This isn’t just for show off…
The plug also allows you to use a Spanner/Socket Tool to remove it during oil changes.

🚚 UK Stock
Special Order, please allow 5-10 working days for UK delivery
🔵 For Other Colours
If you want colours like purple | rainbow  | green, please send an email  to make this happen.

🔧 Fitting Instructions: None.  Swap & go 😉  (Need help?)

🏍 Model fitment list     125cc vTwins only     :

GT125 & GT125R
2003 to 2019
 GV125 Aquila
1998 to 2017

IT WILL NOT FIT GV125S Injected Models from  2019/2020  (It has a different engine that’s why)

Reference Part Number(s) : 09259-2000903S  (All 125 vTwin Carb Models)


💡 Tip : For an oil change tutorial , you can tap this link here , or respond to that topic if you need help with oil changes  or else you can also check out this link here for tutorial on how to change clutch plates on the bike too.

1 review for CNC Anodized Magnetic Oil Filler Cap Plug Bolt :: GT125R GV125 GT125 Hyosung

  1. Chris Newman

    Great for catching anything you don’t want in your oil , while giving another bit of bling factor to the bike 👌🤙

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