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      Jun 26, 2022

      hello people once again I have another quick question 

      I have a quad lock to fit into my  Steering stem but can’t find the right size open nut anyone know??

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Jun 26, 2022
      North UK

      Hey, I think it is off my head

      • M22 x 30 x P1.0 x H12  Suzuki GP Pro  (query this on amazon and see?)
        (I hope im right!)

      The nut OEM is a 30mm socket size , i don’t expect aftermarket ones to stray too far from that but beware of cheap metal copies , least heaven forbid you strip threads of the yoke tubeand have to replace the whole thing.  It is very annoying when the bike goes over little humps and the whole front end judders if the  nut is not torque to the right specs   (if it says example “40 ft lbs” , then 40 it is, not more , not less.  the new nut should handle that too.)

      It is for that reason, i don’t use yoke extensions for GPS, i use these instead

      • Oxford Strap Nav
      • Buffalo Nav Bag

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