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      Jan 10, 2019
      Hyosung gt125r

      Hi guys just a quick query I’m going to be changing my stock tyres very soon and just not sure which ones to get. I ride all year round come wind, rain, snow and ice so want all weather ones. But which do people find are the best ones price is no problem as long as the tyres are good. Happy riding guys.

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Jan 10, 2019
      North UK

      In one word.  PR3.  Actually Michelin PR2 , Pr3, pr4 have been highly favoured across big brand bikes

      Truly a sticky wet tyre and tour friendly , i did 18k on them.   I have also tried BT23 which are quite good actually.

      My fav BT tyre is the   BT92 which i am running. Its a very sticky tyre , almost as good as PR3. Cant complain! 🙂

      So PR3, PR4, BT92, T31(bridgestone) are my picks and ideal for such bike


      The stocks weigh a ton & are made of bricks!!!  Quite suicidal in winter ill tell you that!lol

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