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      Jun 26, 2022

      Hello peeps

      So I’m working on my gtr and I was wondering if there is rear seat cowl or cover available that won’t brake the bank I keep seeing a lot of Suzuki ones that come up on Google when I look but not sure

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Jun 26, 2022
      North UK

      It’s a custom job , Skidmarx UK makes them perfectly for the old shape models of Hyosung GT’s but they don’t / won’t make them for the new shape models , it sucks as i’d happily buy a lot of them.

      Now , it is a custom job to do it on the new shape sadly, some DIY skills and possibly fibreglassing copying may be involved. Don’t quote me on this as i havent tried personally but possibly look in to the R1 seat delete or R6. it may possibly be easier than Suzuki ones i think. Your main worry is working out how to mount the old hyosung metal latches from your rear seat off on to the new seat delete unit, then to lock it on to the pilly seat on frame so it doesn’t fly off while riding 😉

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